1. O

    OOB Shark strikes again... or did it?

    So heres my story. Loaded a gig on my MTN sim... happiness all around. Needed to make a call, so I loaded R100... Capitec, neh! All good, till I get a message from MtN sating Im using data at OOB rates. So Im surprised and go check my balances. After a 30 sec or so call to my mom, I have...
  2. Newsfeed

    We tested out-of-bundle notifications and our airtime got destroyed

    We tested out-of-bundle notifications and our airtime got destroyed Out-of-bundle (OOB) data charges can quickly deplete your airtime, especially if you don’t realise your data allocation is depleted.
  3. R

    Telkom OOB

    Anyone know how to set Telkom SIMs to USE out of bundle forever? It used to be that you could go to a particular URL and it would ask you to confirm; however that seems to have gone and now SIM's only use Out of Bundle for one month Does anyone know how to set-and-forget -- i.e. just let...
  4. The_Librarian

    Mikrotik and the dreaded OOB shark

    Hi Guys Is it possible that you can monitor bandwidth consumption on your Mikrotik, and at 100Mb data bundle left over (can be adjusted by the user) it will start to throttle you seriously, as well as prevent the opening of bandwidth-hungry web pages and killing torrents and ftp downloads...
  5. O

    PIN on SIM or not?

    Do you put a PIN on your SIM or not? I have a PIN on my contract SIM, and on my one frequently-used SIM, but the rest (prepaid, of course) doesn't have any PIN codes on, to facilitate easy swapping on any MIFI device. It just is for my own ease of mind, knowing that should some foul...
  6. Budza

    Telkom Mobile Billing Query: Concurrent Data Bundles

    http://www.telkommobile.co.za/plans/plan/smartplan-100#19 If I use the above Smart Plan, I'm able to load both TM (Telkom Mobile) Data and AN (All Networks) Data. If I have 2 bundles loaded at the same time, say a 100MB AN and a 1GB TM bundle, which gets used first? I'd hope that the TM...
  7. DJ...

    Do you want to help defeat the OOB shark?

    The WHY? For too long mobile broadband providers have been taking advantage of their customers by profiteering off of their naivety, while others in some cases have intentionally created systems and procedures to trick their customers into going out of bundle. At up to R2/MB OOB rates, and new...
  8. S

    OOB charges on Contract Data Packages & Bill Shock

    Hi. I know this has been asked before, tried the search function, but couldn't find much info. If I sign up for the Cell C 2GB per month data contract at R149, what happens once the 2GB of data is depleted? Will I automatically get billed at the OOB rate of 39c per MB? Is it possible to...
  9. A

    OOB: 2+2 - another one gets bitten.

    Add me as another one bitten. Idiot that I am I have one 2+2 for myself and one for my wife. June's deduction from my account over R2000. Still don't know why. July R1500. This month, who knows, but this month's overspend is my fault since I screwed up the downloader's scheduler and it overran...
  10. jes

    Out-of-bundle usage must die

    Out-of-bundle usage must die What we have at the moment is an unbalanced, flawed system which really makes no sense at all