Telkom Mobile: Smart Plans 150/250


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Jan 23, 2005
I took out a contract with TelkomMobile (8ta) in Jan 2013 and after singing their praises for the last six months I requested to "migrate" from OLD Packages to the NEW SmartPlan 150/250 (wife's & my SIM).

This was done at Telkom Clearwater Mall and I was told that the change would happen in 1 Sept 2013.

It is now 2 Sept 2013 and NADA! Niks! SFA! both SIMS still on the OLD packages. I did get a call from staff at TM saying they had to cancel/delete/remove my OLD package and put me on the NEW one. Does this take 25-30 days to complete ... ops! Sorry NOT COMPLETE!

Looks like the case reference that was logged is now a BLACKHOLE!

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