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    Telkom mobile 10 + 10 Internet Plus (from 2013) for R199/ month

    Good day there my knowledgeable mybroadband people. I took out a 24 month contact telkom mobile 10gig+10gig back in 2013. 5 year later I am still using it, paying month to month same price of R199. My friend also took out the same contract around the same time as me. He recently received...
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    Take care with the B315 LTE modem/router

    I was offered a good deal on an 'upgrade' through TelkomMobile reseller Selldirect. The upgrade was the supposedly superior B315 modem and cheaper data. Unfortunately the modem does not allow for static IP addresses and its VOIP function has been limited to Telkom VOIP only. I have a contract...
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    Red Bull Mobile vs CellC

    Hi All, I have tried trying to locate the differences between CellC and Red Bull Mobile in terms of a contract to help me decide whether there is some gimmick with the lower price of the Red Bull Mobile contract. Theres 2 contracts in particular that I am comparing(Not deciding between...
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    Telkom Mobile: Smart Plans 150/250

    I took out a contract with TelkomMobile (8ta) in Jan 2013 and after singing their praises for the last six months I requested to "migrate" from OLD Packages to the NEW SmartPlan 150/250 (wife's & my SIM). This was done at Telkom Clearwater Mall and I was told that the change would happen in 1...