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Jul 22, 2003
Teraco is the first provider of vendor neutral Data Centres in South Africa. Customers benefit from the cost savings and improved resilience of securely housing their information systems and networking equipment in a facility built and operated to best practice global standards by an expert organisation with absolute focus on Data Centre technology.

Teraco operates one Data Centre in Newlands, Cape Town and one Data Centre in Isando, Johannesburg (First phase opens 1st Quarter 2010) and will be expanding to other sites.

Teraco is backed by leading international investors and Treacle Private Equity, a black owned South African private equity group. Teraco is a Level 4 contributor.


Founded in 2007, Teraco has brought international best practice in vendor neutral data centre environments to South Africa to give businesses a technically superior, physically safer and lower cost environment for their information systems.

The founders of Teraco saw an opportunity for a truly vendor neutral Data Centre offering in South Africa as the local telecommunications market deregulated. The possibility of providing a service that was not tied to any carrier or ISP became not only technically feasible and economically viable, but increasingly desirable to South African enterprises which needed unrestricted choice in how they interconnected their facilities, and connected to the Internet.

Teraco Data Environments (Pty) Ltd Board Members (January 2010)

•Andrew Tuckey – Chairman
•Njabulani Mthembu – Non Executive Director
•Christoff Botha – Non Executive Director
•Guy Willner – Non Executive Director
•William Wallis – Non Executive Director
•Matthew Tagg – Non Executive Director
•Lex van Wyk – Managing Director
•Tim Parsonson – Group CEO

Founded in 2007, Teraco is South Africa’s first provider of vendor neutral <http://www.teraco.co.za/why/> data centres, with an absolute focus on building and operating its data centre facilities <http://www.teraco.co.za/locations> in Johannesburg and Cape Town to global best practice. Unrestricted choice of network and service provider allows customers to manage traffic to get better value or performance, and creates an open market for partnerships between customers, networks and service providers. Teraco data centres give customers a technically superior, physically more secure and lower cost environment for their information systems. Strictly enforced access control, uncompromised security, guaranteed power, advanced fire protection, efficient cooling and electrical resiliency throughout ensures hardware availability. As business needs change, resources can be rapidly and flexibly scaled. Leading international investors and Treacle Private Equity, a black owned South African private equity group, back Teraco. The company is a Level 4 contributor (DTI Codes). For more information please visit www.teraco.co.za <http://www.teraco.co.za>
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