The AirTies thread


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Jun 4, 2007
I saw no new features, so it must just be stability. Network is back up now so hopefully it is the silver bullet that I needed. :) It would be nice if Nology had a webpage where we can get these updates.

Ill check back later once I know how my network is behaving.
Any feedback on this? Network more or less stable?


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May 10, 2007
Since this is a fan thread, got a mate who wants to sell his 4920 triple pack for R2,500. So before I go advertising it every where for him I want to know if anyone in this thread would like first chance to buy them.


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May 21, 2009
Good Day

Thank you for contacting us at Nology Technical Support,

Please find the link to the firmware and upgrade guide below.

This is a two-step approach, as all 4920s must be upgraded to the interim firmware first before you upgrade them to the final firmware.

Once complete you can pair the new 4930s by using the WPS button on the main unit and on the new node and then add them within the APP.

If you feel it is too complex we can assist remotely and schedule an Anydesk session with you.

PS Nology is based in Pretoria.

I note they referring to them as 4930s. Is that an erroneous reference or does a 4920 operate like a 4930 after firmware upgrade?


From Nology

No, 4930s have tri band support, meaning there is a dedicated radio just for backhaul.
The firmware upgrade will allow you to add a 4930 single to your triple pack
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