Things that please you...


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Nov 3, 2013
LOL, good thing old Schumi went and off-ed himself.

Joh so biekie rof daai grappie.

An interesting part of that season is that, even though Schumacher and Villeneuve ended 1-2 in the championship, they never even once stood on the podium together.
I have yet to start rooting for anyone as I hardly know them, I'm surprised I don't despise Schumi as the earliest F1 that I remember watching was when he was winning over and over.


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Dec 12, 2011
Nothing like a bit of schadenfreude to start your Friday - section of the road where cars and taxis normally cruise part traffic has been blocked off by these wood poles; a few people didn't get the memo and tried to still go down this "road", till they got to these poles and had to do a u-turn and get back into traffic. The look on their faces as they were driving back was priceless.


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Oct 31, 2007
On the 2nd week of 4 weeks without alcohol. I'm only doing this to support my wife who is currently on a diet that does not allow for any booze. It is so interesting to see what life is like for sober people. Waking up in the mornings feels so real now and you can remember everything from the night before. Quite an interesting experience.

I think I'll stick to having this as the exception and not the rule. Makes for an interesting change but after this month I'll return to being my old booze fueled self.


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Feb 3, 2014
Lucky you, we had load shedding from 6pm to 8:30. Would love some rain here, for many reasons.... :D
I am sorry about the loadshedding - we should not be going through this again. We are on the schedule for tomorrow. Not happy.
If it rained - you would get wet riding home. Do you like riding in the rain ?