Threat sent to McCain office


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Jun 12, 2007
Centennial, Colorado - A threatening letter containing an unidentified white powder was sent to a John McCain campaign office in this south Denver suburb on Thursday, authorities said. No injuries were immediately reported.

A second letter sent to a McCain campaign office in New Hampshire initially was reported to contain threatening language and white powder. Authorities said that was a false alarm and there was no powder in that envelope.

At least 19 people were examined at hospitals or were quarantined outside the Colorado office while authorities tried to determine whether the powder was hazardous, but everyone was sent home late on Thursday, said Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson. He said the substance was not hazardous and not lethal, but that it will take days before they determine what it was.

Andy Lyon of Parker South Metro Fire Rescue Authority said the return address on the envelope listed the Arapahoe Detention Centre and the name of an inmate.

Sheriff's officials said the inmate suspected of sending the letter with the substance is Marc Harold Ramsey, 39, who has been incarcerated since Sept. 2007 on investigation of felony menacing, harassment and second-degree assault on a peace officer. Ramsey may face federal felony charges for Thursday's incident, sheriff's officials said.

Lyon said the first line of the letter used threatening language. He refused to give any details.


Why would they want to kill him? He's almost there on his own :eek: :p

brixton tower

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Aug 4, 2005
LOL...And last week a senior Democratic Party official was killed by a crazed gunman in Arkansas.