1. A

    What was the total cost of Laparoscopic gall bladder removal at MediClinic?

    How much did the total cost of your Laparoscopic gall bladder removal amount to? Including the cost of the surgeon, anesthetist's hospital fee, etc. I am asking because I want to privately pay for a relative's procedure and want to know what I am in for. MediClinic Cape Town informed me that the...
  2. C

    Medical aid plans - whats the on the ground answers

    Hello Guys. need some advice. looking for a cheap medical aid, hospital plan only. the problem with brokers is that they only sell you what they want and do not give you a full range of what is out there. i consider myself healthy in that i dont have any sickness and major illness. just...
  3. Sirius

    NHS hospitals in England hit by widespread ransomware attack

    Several NHS hospitals don't have access to their IT systems and phone lines following the attack. WanaCrypt0r 2.0 in the wild..
  4. N

    Medical Elective Ideas

    Hi all I am a 3rd year medical student and we are required to do a 4 week elective in October this year. We can do pretty much anything we want, as long as we can link it to medicine in some way and can produce a good-quality report out of it at the end. I want to do something relevant. I...
  5. R

    Best Cortisone for Keloids.

    I had a very bad accident, tore my upper lip. now its all healed well, but keloids have formed and its thick tissue any help on who is the best dermatologist... because i was told that a plastic surgeon in Chatsworth , administers UK Imported cortisone and each injection is R1000:sick: ...
  6. LazyLion

    Reward Offered for Hospital Shooter

    Police are offering a R15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a Durban hospital worker alleged to have shot dead a fellow worker earlier this year. Police spokesman Thulani Zwane said on Monday police were still looking for Khulekani Ntuli, 43. Ntuli, who worked at Durban's...
  7. W

    Doctor ‘stabbed in the heart’

    June 9 2011 at 07:42am By Jauhara Khan, Kamini Padayachee and Sapa The family of a young Durban doctor is reeling in shock after he was killed by a patient at an Mpumalanga hospital on Tuesday. Senzosenkosi Mkhize, 27, of Yellowwood Park, was stabbed in the chest by a patient at...
  8. K

    WTF Has Bitten My Sister

    Hi Everyone friday the 31st of December my sister had a small bite on her leg, on the 1st of Jan she was complainig she was feeling ill and the bite had increased in size, We decided to take her to the doctor and they did tests on her and gave her a pain injection. The Sunday morning she had...
  9. LazyLion

    Netcare admits 'cash for kidney' transplants Wow, this is pretty sick... and the punishment given out is nowhere near commensurate.
  10. LazyLion

    R320m hospital left to rot
  11. D

    Being sick in SA is really painfull - help

    I can write a book here but I'm going to try and keep it as short as possible. I was fairly healthy all my life until about 22 (I'm 25 now). I developed severe depression, anxiety, stress, etc. I tried 6 different anti-dep meds which all just made me worse. In the end I just had to cope with it...
  12. M

    Man's Erection Lasts 8 Days, Emergency Surgery Needed

  13. M

    Man Survives 'Killer Bee' Attack, Stung Couple Thousand Times

    Full story
  14. M

    Woman Hospitalized After Sex Toy Mishap

  15. M

    Man accidentally shoots himself at hospital cafe

  16. M

    Accused drunk driver ends up running over himself

    [/url] I enjoy a good laugh in the morning :)
  17. M

    Threat sent to McCain office

    Link Why would they want to kill him? He's almost there on his own :eek: :p
  18. M

    Massachusetts patient tested for mad cow disease

    More... :eek: Maybe Denny Crane is not crazy after all :eek:
  19. M

    Water overdose leaves man close to death

    More... Thought I would post this cos I saw a post in which forumites were boasting that they drink 4 litres of water a day.