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Jul 22, 2003
Tim Walter is the General Manager for Product and Marketing at leading South African communications provider, Nashua Mobile.

He has been involved in the telecommunications industry for more than 12 years. Walter's telecommunications career started at NedTel Cellular in 1996. NedTel Cellular later acquired Plessey Cellular and then merged with Nashua Cellular to form Nashua Mobile in 2000.

Walter moved to Cell C in 2003, where he worked at the Cell C Service Provider, and then later at operator level, as the Head of Product he however returned to Nashua Mobile in 2006 as the General Manager for Product and Marketing.

Walter's experience at Nashua Mobile and Cell C has covered most ambits of the business including finance, operations, marketing & sales and IT. This breadth of experience means that Walter understands the telecommunications industry end-to-end.

He has a particularly strong interest in the role of communications technology within business and how this technology can be utilised to make a real difference to both the staff and customer experience.

Walter enjoys mountain-booking and cooking, and is an avid student of ancient Roman history. He holds an honours degree in Accounting from the University of Pretoria.



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