Unicode/Emoji in SSID (HG532F) ?


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Dec 31, 2012
Hi guys

I noticed an emoji in an SSID when I was trying to connect to a public network while on the move, which made me want to try out a few things.

I did some research into it, and multiple websites on google say that this possible using the unicode 8 charectors available on wikipaedia --> emoji [e.g ]
However as much as I have tried, I can't seem to be able to configure this on my telkom branded Hauwei HG532F as the admin menu doesn't seem to allow this - I get an error message reading:

"The SSID has the following invalid character(s) '�'."

Does anyone know of a method to force an SSID to be set with the emoji?

(There was a result that used JavaScript to circumvent the error dialog on a ASUS router but the exact script didnt work for the Hauwei one:

validator.stringSSID = function () {
console.log('fake stringSSID', arguments);
return true;


(I don't even know what to google, most other attempts at google yield results on how to brute force an SSID's password)

Any help will be appreciated