Union disputing Telkom job cuts

So far this is proceeding precisely as one expects
I would say that Telkom's intentions were sound but they are now reneging on their own timelines that they set.

After the consultation session Telkom were meant to provide the affected group with all the information that they have in order for the affected group to make counter proposals to be submitted by c.o.b. today.

Telkom has not provided all the information. The "as is" structures have been taken down from the web site so they cannot be compared to Telkom's proposed structures that were provided last night (in some cases they were updated during the course of today). The gradings and proposed functionality of the new posts on the structure are unknown. The strategic intent of the posts on the structure are unknown. The actual job descriptions will only be made available on Monday and then they must still be graded.

Telkom are trying to rush the process to achieve their own deadline to populate the new structure by 30 June 2014.
I also don't see how Telkom can expect counter proposals on less than 10 working days. I also fear that restructuring the staffing of a company without a full stated strategy plan for the end position of the company is bound to be a problem - failing to finalize LLU (by which I mean putting forth the plan to ensure statutory compliance) before staff changes is a great mistake.
I've been there, done that a number of times and 30 June is not realistic in this case