USB 56k modem problems with Server 2003


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Aug 19, 2008
Hey guys! I am in need of your collective wisdom!

At work I have a problem with a client's modem that is connected to a Windows 2003 Server and just sends faxes all day every day. There seems to be a driver issue -- this modem and a previous one was unsupported by Windows Server 2003.

I'm looking for an external 56k modem that:

> is plugged in via USB.
> has a Windows Server 2003 specific driver.
> does not have a CNet or SmartLink chipset.
> is available here in sunny SA!

Apparently a US Robotics 56k modem solves this problem but I can't track one down and they usually use a serial connection. Anyone know where I can find a USB US Robotics modem here in SA? Are there any dealerships that sell US Robotics modems in SA? :confused:

Thanks in advance, guys.

Asha'man X

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Aug 31, 2006
It's getting somewhat harder to get hold of modems these days, especially USR ones. I bought an external usb 56k modem for our school's one laptop 2 years ago, I think it had an Intel chipset in it. It was made by Mecer of all companies, and I got it at a Computer Mania shop.

You also don't need a 56k for a fax line, so if you do get your hands on an older modem for exapmle, it will work fine sending and receiving.

Hope this helps a bit :)


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Aug 13, 2008
Why not add a serial add on to the pc, then at least your usb problem is solved?