1. K

    Afrihost Pure Fibre Issues

    Soooo I have a 100Down pure fibre line and I’ve had it for a week, now all of a sudden I’m getting 10Down speeds.
  2. S

    Bluetooth music fades and skips in car

    Please redirect this post if it is in the wrong forum. I have a 2016 Chevy Spark 1.2ls and a LG K4 smart phone. Music on the phone plays on the radio via Bluetooth. Problem is that the sound fades every now and then. Almost as if a phone call is being received and the music volume is reduced. I...
  3. F

    Any idea what's going on here?

    Right next to Telkom tower - Prepaid Telkom bundle on tablet - 40GB Vodacom bundle on wifi - Get mostly full 3G Vodacom signal and sometimes even some 4G with relative stable and good internet access. Recently over weekends the Vodacom signal barely reach 1 bar EDGE but sometimes even with 3...
  4. Ryansr

    Raru item return complaint

    I am having a problem with that is not honoring my item return that was logged on 27 November 2018 and their courier has been sent several times to my address according to the Raru Customer Services emails to collect the packaged item but the courier have not arrived on those two...
  5. J

    Help, cannot cancel previous fibre package to install our own

    Hi I recently moved into a new place with a friend. There is a line currently active with an Internet Solutions package on it. We want our own 20/20 package but are unable to cancel this one to replace it and activate our own. The problem is that the previous tenant was with Webafrica and...
  6. X domain blocking my company?

    Good day, I am having a problem with emails sent from people in my company to accounts. My mails hard hard-bouncing off of the Telkom mail servers almost like my domain is systematically getting blocked. Does anyone know who I can speak to at Telkom to get this issue resolved...
  7. C

    Amazon and Shipping cameras

    Hey guys, About to pull out my hair. After almost two weeks and using about 400 rand to try sort out this I am just about done. I had ordered a Sony A7II as well as two lenses from Amazon (supplied by them too) and it was due last week Thursday by DHL express. Tracking showed that it was not...
  8. J

    Graphics Problem Brand New PC

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a new computer off one of the local websites. When I received it there was a strange issue with flashy opjects on the screen. I reinstalled a different Windows and there was still a problem. I sent the computer back to them, they said it was the graphics card and...
  9. Dan73b

    The USB Type-C problem. Help needed

    Buying USB Type-C cables - Help needed Hi all I recently decided to take the plunge and get a USB Type-C phone. USB C makes a lot of sense to me for many reasons but after doing some research I've learned that most Type-A male to Type-C male cables (standard charging cable for Type-C phones)...
  10. F

    pre paid meter problem or is it more than that?

    Wat does it mean if prepaid meter displays full screen of backward 3's or E's. Depends on how you look at it. Cant load power. Help please.
  11. P

    Telkom email down in Cape Town

    Hi I cant send and receive emails we have Telkom WiFi at our office - using the internet isnt a problem but none of us can get any emails. Is this a known issue?
  12. X

    Telkom won't sign me up for Fibre

    I would really appreciate any help or advice. I live in Gillitts (KZN, near Hillcrest) and according to Telkom's coverage website I should be able to sign up for 100Mbps Fibre. I have checked their website multiple times with my correct address and I am right in the middle of the purple...
  13. H

    Lightspeed cyberphone problems in Woodstock, CT

    We're having problems with Cybersmart's phones. They haven't worked for 2 days now and we constantly call and email them to ask what's going on with canned "we'll look into it" responses. The phones have been wonky for the last week, with settings getting wiped 2 times since last Monday and...
  14. T

    ADSL Kensington B issues

    Our ADSL line has been down for the last three days. It only comes on in the morning and late at night. Does anyone know what the problem is, and how long its going to take to fix it. Thanks.
  15. T

    Zevenwacht, Kuils River ADSL Problems

    Hey So I have been having a problem with my internet for the past month. I am getting intermittent request time outs. This does not affect normal browsing but I cannot game online at all as every 5-10 seconds the line drops for a split second. I have tried everything to fix it. The problem...
  16. O

    Mixing RAM dual channels

    I currently have a Dual Channel kit of Geil BlackDragon 1866Mhz RAM installed on my MSI G43 Z77A mother board with a Core i5 IvyBridge processor. My question is : I want to get another 8Gb of RAM ,But I can no longer find Geil's BlackDragon 1866 RAM anywhere. So I was looking at the Kingston...
  17. S

    DynDNS on Telkom Netgear router not working - sends local IP instead of public IP

    I have a Telkom-branded Netgear DGN2200m, and have successfully used DynDNS on it before. However, sometime in the last few months (not sure when), it stopped working. I have a paid for DynDNS account, and 2 of my other ADSL routers (both Netgear DG834) on the same account (with different...
  18. S

    Cybersmart help

    Hi guys So this is what I've been having a problem with. I switched ISP's from Vox to Cybersmart at the beginning of the month; and since then I have been having persistent issues with my internet. Although the SpeedTest results always show up as being fine; the actual usability of the...
  19. G

    Internet Disconnects whenever someone dials or answers the Landline

    Hi Lately I've been having a problem where my internet will go down just by pressing the dial button on the landline, or answering it. Its becoming very frustrating as I either wait 5 minutes or reboot the router Please Help
  20. A

    Explora downloading more than what was queued...? (perplexed)

    I am posting this in case anyone else has had a similar experience since connecting your DSTV Explora decoder to the internet using the ethernet cable and perhaps DSTV could respond if it seems to be a problem experienced by more people. Scenario: Last week Thursday I excitedly connected our...