1. Q

    Douglasdale Exchange 011 704xxxx

    Hi All I've been having major issues with packetloss on one of my DSL lines (I have 2 - the one on 704-xxxx is giving issues and the one on 462-xxxx seems fine) - Have reported it to Telkom numerous times over the past month - The latest update is that they are aware there is an exchange...
  2. G

    Crazy Hard Drive Problem :

    Hi guys. My external is broke. Ok not physically, but the other day whilst copying some files, i needed to cancel. The cancellation process continued for hours on a 500mb file. I figured something was wrong and just pulled out the external. Now when I plug into any PC it asks me to...
  3. J

    Getting over the internet. IP conflict on LAN adapter

    Hello Is there an explanation on why i cannot set my ip address of network adapter to whilst the internet is on, I get an immediate IP address conflict when ever my PPPOE connection is on? I did a traceroute and this is what turned up: >tracert Tracing route to...
  4. ControlAltDelete

    Slipknot - Modern Warfare 2 Compilation

    Hey guys so I basically made a video in memory of Modern Warfare 2 and posted it on Youtube, it's a basic compilation of multiple known scenes of Modern Warfare 2 I ask that if you do watch the video take heed of the beginning of it as it is equally important as the end and if you do own your...
  5. LazyLion

    Weird Gmail problem on Mozilla Firefox 8.0?

    OK, so this has happened to me on 4 different PC's now. When I open my Gmail application page then click on an e-mail in the inbox it just shows me one truncated line instead of the entire message. It's like it does not want to open the whole message window and there are no buttons to click on...
  6. R

    Settings >> Mobile Data

    G'day! Anyone see this before: I'm referring particularly to the Mobile Data menu option. This is one of a number of iPads supplied by DigiCape. It won't connect to the internet on 3G. My iPad says Cellular Data. Could this be a Verizon model? Any ideas?
  7. NomNom

    Connection Problems on Mweb Uncapped

    Hi there Since this morning there have been connectivity problems on my friends 3mb uncapped. Most if not all websites don't fully load and when I try to download something the download doesn't finish, it would download to about 99% then randomly timeout for no apparent reason. We have ruled...
  8. K

    What is wrong with this mouse!!

    Hi all Have been looking for a mouse but it's crunch time and i need to choose now. I think the best mouse at the moment is the Cyborg RAT 7 but everyone seems to go for Razer or Logitech. What is so bad about this mouse? If someone has it please tell me why noone seems to like this...
  9. ControlAltDelete

    Mozsqlite.dll error

    im having this problem when i boot up my PC, this seem to be only doing this when i have Firefox installed, but when its not, the error doesnt show, any ideas on what the problem maybe and solution
  10. L

    Blackberry Internet Service does not work without airtime.

    I have found that with at least 2 Blackberry Devices running the BIS service from Vodacom that the device does not allow you to access the said free internet without their being an positive balance on your device. This alarms me since when I check my bills I see no charges for Internet but...
  11. B

    Cell C Direct not answering their phones for ex potential customer

    I am really frustrated because of the service not recieved from Cell C. 13 May 2011 - I have applied for the Laptop deal that cell c is currently running. 19 May 2011 - a few days after my application was approved I called Cell C Direct asking when the laptop will be delivered. I was...
  12. jes

    iPhone 4 personal hotspot problem solved, Vodacom explains

    iPhone 4 personal hotspot problem solved, Vodacom explains Some iPhone 4 users have complained to Vodacom about not being able to use the device's new-found personal Wi-Fi hotspot feature
  13. T

    Steam login problems

    Hi there I'm experiencing Steam problems and after Googling I found tons of others who do too. However no one has a solution to my problem :cry: Ok so I closed Steam (made sure it wasn't in the task manager > processes) I deleted clientregistry.blob (the all-rounder fix) Now Steam...
  14. R

    Chronic dropped line and authentication failure

    Telkom isn't helping, neither is Megaweb, so I'm hoping to find someone intelligent in here. Same thing over and over again, when there's wind or rain the line is dropped (I suspect a short in the distribution box, but after 8 months of calls Telkom has yet to fix it). After the line comes...
  15. Pho3nix

    Laptop HDD Error..Help Please

    Hey there Need some help regarding the a 2.5 ATA100 Laptop HDD. The hard-drive seems to have failed and need to recover the data off it..(belongs to a friends, doing this as a favour). Apparently the laptop hangs at the Black-SOD just after the POST. It wont boot from the XP CD and for now I'm...
  16. S

    WiFi problems with POE device

    Hi. We have a wired + wireless network setup at one of our clients. We are having problems with one of the WAPs (one of these guys), which is powered using POE. The device powers on and works fine for about 10 minutes, but then just suddenly dies. Trying to ping the device times out, and...
  17. L

    A big problem about HTC G7 phone

    Hello,guys.I bought a G7 online , I think it's not expensive,so bought it. But when I insert my SIM card in it, it always show "no SIM" , one day ago ,it stills show that, I had tried many times , can anyone help me ? Thank you advance! If nobody can help me ,I just send it back to that site.
  18. Xzib1t

    ADSL Issues

    Yet again I am having trouble with my line, so today I am minding my own business playing an online game when suddenly the connection is lost, I checked the lights on the router on they indicate everything is on. Later I go to and look at the statistics and low and behold...
  19. D

    Corsa B 2000 1.6is not starting

    Hi guys, please assist as I have tried almost everything to get the car to start. yesterday the car started up fine, but on the highway the car just switched off 3 times..after pulling over onto the yellow lane jumping out and fiddling with a few wires it starts up again..only to drive for a...
  20. ginggs

    Stuck on EDGE, unable to switch to 3G (E1820 / E1752?)

    Morkhans and I were doing some wardriving yesterday afternoon with new a Cell C 3G SIM in a Huawei E1820 doing some speed tests. At about 17:00 we inserted the Cell C SIM into Morkhans' Huawei E272 modem and could only connect on EDGE. We then put the Cell C SIM back into the E1820 and for the...