Video Streaming Services


Nov 12, 2008
Hi All,

I am a web developer for a non-profit organization called Nakhlistan.
They cook for food for those less fortunate and distribute also.
One night a year they cook from sunset to sunrise and I keep the folks updated via the Nakhlistan website with photos of the event as its happening.
Many viewers request Video feeds.
How I do this is that I take a video of maybe 20mb, convert it and upload to Zoopy (similar to you youtube) then link the videos to the Nakhlistan website. This is a long tedious process but I only get finished working on this site by 5am the next morning,

My boss (from Nakhlistan) is less computer-savvy and wants results immediately. I work all night to update his site with my tools: Dreamweaver, Broadband Wifi, FTP client etc.

I am looking for any companies that offer VIDEO STREAMING SERVICES. If you are in the market to provide this service, please contact me urgently as the event is set to occur 9th September 2010.

Hope you noble souls can advise me further.