Vodacom / 5800 issues


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Jan 20, 2007
I really dont know where to put this, so.. it will go under this forum..

I recently(4 Months ago) went to get my contract upgrade, the phone I decided on was the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic, which in my opinion is quite a awesome phone.


After 4 days of use, the phone could not read the memory card, even tho when you check on the file manager about memory space left, it would show that there is something on the card. Furthermore the phone froze a couple of times, preventing me from doing anything, and having to take out the battery to get it back to working again. After the first memory card issue I went to Vodacare in menlyn(4 days after getting the phone), and got told to simply hard reset the phone and it should work. Well, it did work, but then not even a week later, it happened again. I have upgraded the software after the 2nd "memory card" issue, but I keep running into the same problems.
So, after the 6th time of this happening and 4 months later, I decided to go to vodacare again and adress the problem. I spoke to one of the "agents" there and they told me that they could take in the phone and repair it because the "7 Day Return" period had passed and I will just have to sit with a problematic or repaired phone.

Here is the bit that I do not understand :
Why should I sit with a faulty phone or even have a phone repaired? When i received the phone, I did not ask for a "demo" phone or a phone thats going to give me permanent hassles. Yes, it is understandable that Vodacom cannot foresee if a phone is problematic or not, but should be able to spot the difference between factory defect and neglect/abuse. I did not break/damage/drop or even emerge the phone in water. Its a manufacturers defect!!!

Vodacom/Vodacare refuses to replace the phone with another phone because it's the "7 Days Bull Sh*t" even tho I already complained about the phone 4 days after receiving it.

I have done my research, and even spoken to people at vodacom outlets and i found out that im not the only person with this problem. If i had a choice of a new phone, I would not go for this phone again. I have in the mean time put this phone up for sale, cause it seems the only other option that I have..but, doing so will also stop me from getting a replacement from vodaIDONTCARE if they one day decide to care. Maybe I can get a grey imported product with better support.

What should I do in this case? Who should i speak to, cause obviously vodacare DOES NOT CARE! I am gonna mail this same post to a good friend at ICASA as well, just so that I know all my "aggravation" does not go to waste.
If anyone has any comments or flames.. the "floor" is open


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Oct 14, 2008
I had exactly the same issue with MTN. They replaced the phone, as it was within two days ...

Next time, insist on a new one if there is ANYTHING wrong with it within the 7 day period.

As for what you can do now, I'm not sure. Is there any record of your initial complaint? Is the phone not under a blanket 2yr VC or manufacturer warranty? A last resort might be checking if anyone has another memory card for you.

It could be the card causing the problems, or the phone. If you can elimnate the card, at least you know where the problem lies. If it IS the card, then just buy a new one for a few hundred bucks.

Sorry to hear they making you jumo through all these hoops. The 5800 is great- I'm loving mine, but have my own SP issues: MTN :rolleyes: