Vodacom and Hauwei modem connection dropped


New Member
Aug 8, 2007
My connection has started to consistently drop off for some reason. I can see that I still upload, but I am not downloading anything. It seems like it might happen when I overload the modem, like when I open multiple tabs, but it has also happened when all that I have open is a chat client.

As soon as I disconnect I can reconnect fine, but this is typically a cycle that happens every 2-12 MB's. It's happened that I had a "good" connection where it only dropped once I hit 20Mb or so.

I am using the Hauwei E220 HSPDA modem with a Vodacom prepaid account. I'm also on a Mac if that helps, and my area is Blairgowrie, in Randburg. It does the same in a number of other areas, so it's not the area.

If anyone could help I would really appreciate it as this is incredibly frustrating.