Vodacom contracts with iPhone XS Max

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Aug 25, 2015
Was browsing the web the other day and noticed that Vodacom now mainly have 36 months iPhone XS Max(The 24 months contracts make you take an accessory which unnecessarily increases the price). I don't usually pay attention to cell phone contracts unless I'm due for an upgrade but this really had me thinking, 'How is this justified?".

I did some calculations and the numbers simply DO NOT add up. I see MTN also has 36 month contracts for the same device but I am currently with Vodacom hence the reasaon for my calculations. I honestly feel it is better to buy a phone cash and just take a Sim Only contract or be on pre-paid if with Vodacom in this instance. I mean even if you take the iPhone through FNB payment scheme on the iStore website and get a sim only contract it works out cheaper. I understand not everyone is liquid enough to just fork out R23699 for a phone but these contract prices are simply ridiculous. Excuse my calculation file, I know not everything is included or taken into account but the calcs I've done are the just of it . Also if I am wrong in any calcs please excuse me and let me know.

I noticed that iStore actually has a better variety of contracts for any service provider on its site.

I do understand that although not expressed there is interest on contracts. But I mean at least keep it consistent. If anybody has noticed the same or something similar with MTN, Cell-C or Telkom I'd really like to know.


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