Vodacom is losing grip?


Expert Member
Jul 18, 2009
My home internet runs on Vodacom LTE. It is amazing how the network quality has deteriorated over the last couple of months. When I took out this contract about a year ago, I was getting average download speeds of 30Mbps and about 15-20Mbps upload speeds. I was able to stream 4K content from Youtube like it was no challenge at all. It would instantly start to play on my TV. Pure bliss.

Now I can't even stream a song from Youtube music without it stopping to buffer every couple of seconds. It's beyond useless. I've had a browser tab spinning in circles for 10 minutes now. Normal web pages won't even load.

I have good reception to the tower - the issue must be with their network. Or too many subscribers, who knows.

Anyway, this is extremely disappointing.