VOIP for Dummies. PLEASE HELP!


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Oct 19, 2007
Was speaking to Cara at Havex via the app and she also commented that quality was not great and that they would look into it. I am in East London (Butt end of the world) and she said it could be a routing issue..

Could be. I use it in Centurion and get around 4ms or so to their sip server so that could also be why. :unsure:

You might need to block internet access to the app and use the call through option ;) It calls a 0800 number which is toll free and connects the call via mobile network. Same low in app rates. ;)


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Dec 29, 2009
I use Freshphone (G.729) with a Yealink W60B (with two W56H phones) and call quality is great. Over the same network (200/100 fiber), the Havex app call quality is not good at all.
Instead of the HaveX app, try adding the HaveX account to the Yealink W60B (IIRC, W60B supports 8 accounts)
Then compare from the same instrument.

PS. Freshpone & W60B both support Opus which is HD.