Vumatel worst Network provider ever


Apr 22, 2013
I was previously on Openserv, but moved 3 times and managed to get fiber through SADV and all was good but since last year Vumatel has taken over SADV and I just had problems with this Network Provider, firstly I upgraded my line to a 1 Gbps and end August 2020 it was upgraded but when I ran speed tests I dont even get 350 mbps direct from ONT so I logged a ticket through my ISP and the ticket was closed, never received feedback or communication, so I waited a few months and wanted to call Vumatel, just find they have no support call center, everything must be done through ISP so I tested again and logged a new ticket and 2 days later no feedback and ticket closed and I logged 5 more tickets over 3 weeks each time it gets resolved without any action.

So my last call was escalated to NOC of Vumatel and after 3 weeks of intensive testing by my ISP the line is definitely not 1000 mbps and NOC of Vumatel has not sent an technician as yet or had any direct communication with me and they just dont do anything about my low speed even though they praise there true speed on there website.

Then like today the whole of my city is down due to outage and their is many people working online from home, they dont update customers how long they will take to repair.

The conclusion being Vuamtel does not care about their customers, they only care about the money and we have seen that because they are one of the most expensive providers as well and their CEO promises 10 Gbits lines in future. They are not customer orientated and I would nominate them as the worst Network Provider and company.