1. P

    Port Forwarding not working

    Hi All. I'm having an issue with port forwarding. Keeps showing blocked for any port I open. I'm with Vumatel aerial and CI as my ISP. Have the stock CI router - Archer C20. No other routers on the network, only a range extender also TP-Link. Any port I try is blocked, the only port I can get...
  2. Jan

    Vumatel and DFA now have a higher valuation than Telkom's market cap

    Vumatel and DFA now more valuable than Telkom Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH), which owns Vumatel and DFA, is valued at R23.2 billion — higher than Telkom’s market cap of R22.3 billion. Remgro revealed this valuation in its recent announcement about a CIVH rights offer in which...
  3. Jan

    Remgro raises R3.72 billion in equity, pays off debt incurred to buy Vumatel

    Vumatel owner raises R3.72 billion Remgro announced that it is participating in a rights offer being undertaken by Community Investment Ventures Holdings Proprietary Limited (CIVH), which successfully raised R3.72 billion in equity. Prior to the transaction, Remgro held a 55.2% stake in CIVH.
  4. D

    Afrihost Fiber Can't Fix Slow Internet

    Yet another day my Afrihost Fiber (Vumatel) down speed appears to be capped at 2Mbps. Tickets were made yesterday and escalated, then escalated again, but looks like I'm going to be stuck at 2Mbps for the whole weekend.
  5. Jan

    Cheapest fibre network operators in South Africa

    Fibre price war — Cheapest network operators in South Africa A fibre-to-the-home price analysis revealed that Openserve and Frogfoot are the most affordable fibre network operators, while Metrofibre is the most expensive. This analysis followed price cuts by two of South Africa’s largest fibre...
  6. Jan

    Cheapest fibre deals by line speed in South Africa

    Cheapest fibre-to-the-home deals in South Africa South Africans can now get uncapped fibre packages starting from as little as R299 per month thanks to substantial price cuts in the past year. Openserve, Frogfoot, Vumatel, MetroFibre, Herotel, and Octotel were among the fibre network operator...
  7. Jan

    Major Mweb/Vumatel outage

    Big Mweb outage in South Africa A major outage on the Mweb network that runs on Vumatel's fibre infrastructure has left many South Africans without Internet access. Mweb has told some clients that the problem lies with Vumatel, while Vumatel has said that its tests show its infrastructure is...
  8. Jan

    Vumatel cut off Fibre Stream for non payment, now faces Competition Commission complaint

    Vumatel faces Competition Commission complaint after cutting off Internet provider Fibre Stream will lay a formal complaint against Vumatel with the Competition Commission after the fibre network operator cut off the company's services on 21 June 2021. This comes after a dispute between the...
  9. D

    Supersonic and Vumatel

    I've been without internet for the 3rd day now on Home-Connect. Tuesday night my internet got disconnected unexpectedly. I logged a ticket and never got a reply. I called them the next morning and they logged another ticket. After several calls, I found out that my connection got transferred by...
  10. Jan

    CIVH is getting a new name

    New name for South African telecoms powerhouse Community Investment Ventures (CIVH), which owns Vumatel, DFA, and Sqwidnet, is set to change its name and company branding. This is feedback from CIVH CEO, Raymond Ndlovu who spoke to MyBroadband about the planned CIVH brand change. CIVH is...
  11. Jan

    Vumatel cuts off Fibrestream, helping clients find a new ISP

    South Africans left without Internet as Vumatel cuts off ISP Former Fibrestream subscribers have informed MyBroadband that their broadband connections stopped working at 11:00 on Monday and have still not come back online. “Fibrestream’s call centre takes ages to get through to, but when you...
  12. Jan

    Fibre-to-the-home price comparison - Vumatel and Octotel join the price war

    Fibre price war — Vumatel and Octotel join the fight Fibre network operators and Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa have slashed the price of fibre-to-the-home products in recent months. Openserve started the price war in March when it upgraded speeds and cut prices on its fibre...
  13. Jan

    Immense price cuts on Vumatel

    Big Vumatel price cuts After calls from its customers to drop prices, fibre network operator Vumatel has adjusted its fibre-to-the-home product line-up, resulting in big price cuts from Internet service providers (ISPs) on its network. Vumatel told MyBroadband it had reviewed and adjusted a...
  14. N

    Vumatel the new Mediocre fiber provider

    Vumatel have bought the fiber backbone infrastructure from SA Digital Village. Since they have taken over the service has deteriorated to an alarming extent. It is so bad that Vumatel cannot transfer a connection from one ISP to another within a period of 7, yes 7 days. They have also, in order...
  15. I

    Vuma Reach Aerial Fibre

    Hey, So vumatel is currently installing fibre in my area via the aerial route, putting up wooden poles instead of the underground option and vumatel is offering the Vuma Reach fibre option for the area.I should mention that the area didn't have fibre before this and this the first time we will...
  16. G

    New Home - Fibre/ISP Transfer

    Hi all. New to this and hoping someone can please assist. We just moved into a new place and are trying to set up a fibre line. We started the process through Vox/Vumatel but it's been held up because there was an existing line with Cool Ideas/Vumatel from the previous owners. Vox keep...
  17. One Up

    Fibre vs Openserve Pure DSL

    I am moving to Rosebank, Cape Town. I have discovered Vumatel is very expensive, so I have the option of either R597 pm 20Mbps down, unknown up with Openserve DSL or R907 pm 20Mbps up and down with Vumatel Fibre. My question is, is there any disadvantage in choosing DSL over fibre? Will there...
  18. Hackson

    Moving house

    So I moved into this apartment on the 1st of May. Hasn't been occupied for about 3 months. I plugged in my router and the Internet works. Lekker 20/20Mbps with Vumatel and BitCo Home (according to mybroadband Speedtest). Owner says he doesn't have the former apartment tenant contacts. My bond...
  19. A

    Can Fibre Providers reuse the same CTE / ONT?

    In our area I have three fibre providers available to me (yes, they dug up the verge, my driveway and every water pipe in the street three times). I'm currently with Vumatel and have zero issues but I'm eyeing OpenServe purely because they're considerably cheaper. So my question is, if I were...
  20. Chris

    South African fibre price war

    South African fibre price war South African broadband users are enjoying big price cuts and free speed upgrades on fibre-to-the-home products with fibre network operators and ISPs fighting for market share. The fibre price war was started by Openserve when it upgraded speeds and cut prices on...