1. fundutzi

    Fibre options, CPT, Van Riebeeckshof; Vumatel, Openserve, DFA, Mitsol

    Dear All, Need some input please. Questions please. a. If assessment is accurate in maps, which infrastructure would you recommend? b. Is Openserve and Telkom the same ito infrastructure? c. Do i have to approach the data provider to arrange this installation, or, can the infrastructure...
  2. R

    Vumatel Fibre package will change,with an increase in the monthly fee

    So I get an email from Afrihost about.... "Your Vumatel Fibre package will change from 01 March 2019 Vumatel recently announced that they will no longer be offering the 4Mbps line speed as their entry level speed. On 01 March 2019 you will be upgraded to a 10Mbps line speed as this is their...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Vumacam - Vumatel's CCTV system to keep South Africa safe

    Vumacam - Vumatel's CCTV system to keep South Africa safe Vumatel has unveiled Vumacam, a CCTV solution which it hopes will make South Africa a safer place. After Vumatel launched its fibre network in Johannesburg several years ago, it noticed an increasing demand for CCTV installations in...
  4. websquadza

    Vumatel | How Load-Shedding may affect your fibre connection

    Some or all Vumatel Trenched (grey box on your boundary wall and a Raycore CPE) clients across all ISPs may have experienced long delays in re-establishing connectivity after load shedding - this is not isolated and is affecting clients throughout South Africa. We received reports that some...
  5. M - Which does *local* (<50ms) connectivity?

    Good day, So Vumatel is rolling out in my region, and I've been checking this situation with!probes after I've had fall outs with VoX that doesn't want to route locally to (only via London... it's a management decision... been...
  6. cavedog

    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    So Openserve went live on 24 December 2018. I placed my order with SuperSonic on 25 December 2018. SuperSonic called me on 27 December 2018 to confirm my order and Tell me I don't have coverage :rolleyes: so when I told him check Openserve website coverage confirmed and account created and moved...
  7. Jamie McKane

    Fibre to the home connection and ISP switching fees compared

    Fibre to the home connection and ISP switching fees compared Several of South Africa’s top Internet service providers recently complained to MyBroadband about Vumatel’s fibre installation and activation charges. Part of the problem, they said, is that Vumatel charges a full activation fee when...
  8. Jamie McKane

    Why Vumatel is unlikely to roll out fibre in Pretoria

    Why Vumatel is unlikely to roll out fibre in Pretoria Fibre rollouts in Johannesburg and Cape Town are progressing well and both cities are almost completely covered by fibre routes. This is according to Vumatel CFO Kobus Viljoen, who was speaking to MyBroadband about the company's network...
  9. D

    Fibre cancellation after a week consumer protection Vumatel Axxess

    So I signed up for Vumatel fiber through my trusted ISP Axxess (I have been with them for 8 or 10 years? really a long time whatever it is). 20/2 uncapped package The speeds have been so erratic, one minute down to 1mbps then back up to 20 but mostly between 6 and 10 download. So my LTEa was...
  10. J

    Amplifi HD Router on Vox/Vumatel

    Hi All, Does anyone use an Amplifi HD router on Vox/Fibrehoods(Vumatel)? I currently have the Vox supplied Zyxel router connected to the Vumatel CPE. It is unstable and slow and I want to replace it with the Amplifi HD mesh router. Can I connect the new router to the Vumatel CPE or do I need...
  11. R

    Any Idea when SADV will offer speeds higher than 100mbps?

    I presume there is hardware investment needed on their side but intrigued to find out if there is any plan for them to offer it as the other providers like Vumetel already offer higher speeds. Thanks!
  12. N

    Use Any Router with Vox Fibre

    Hey guys, A friend of mine living in Durban North recently got a 50/5 Mbps Vumatel/Vox fibre line and connection. The install techies removed his upper-mid end Asus VDSL modem/router that he had recently purchased in anticipation of upgrading to fibre and replaced it with a small white Mikrotik...
  13. C

    Another Afrihost Exodus

    Its a sad day when you have to finally accept that it's time to move on. We have been having ongoing issues with being throttled during peak times to 10Mb download on a 100+ premium uncapped account on vumatel fibre. Off-Peak... no problems. After logging several tickets with all the test...
  14. J

    Will Vumatel install in a complex if Open Serve already did?

    I live in a complex and have OS fibre. According to the Vumatel coverage map they are also now in the area. Would they install into a complex that already has Open Serve?
  15. Jamie McKane

    How many fibre infrastructure and service providers there are in South Africa

    How many fibre infrastructure and service providers there are in South Africa Since the Parkhurst fibre project in 2014, fibre connectivity in South Africa has grown significantly. Parkhurst appointed Vumatel, a new entrant to the market, to roll out its network at the time. Since then...
  16. ripclaw

    Vumatel fibre - Reservoir Hills

    To all residents of Reservoir Hills, please start registering your interest in Vumatel fibre to the home (FTTH). Please go to and register your interest there. Please spread the word amongst your neighbours, family, friends, street reps, etc. Remember, it...
  17. J

    Vumatel coverage map (Randpark Ridge)

    Good afternoon The coverage map on the Vumatel website shows that fibre is active in my area. When I place an order on the website I receive a message that fibre is not available in my area and that I will be notified when it is. Does anyone have an idea what is going on here or who I can...
  18. D

    MWEB/Vumatel Fiber Router

    Hey, Im using a Mikrotik with my MWEB (Vumatel) fiber. All works fine for about an hour, then dead for about 5 to 10 minutes. The DHCP client stays up and I can ping the gateway. But no internet. A traceroute seems to see the the gateway (I assume thats the CPE) then another hop (router...
  19. H

    Question - Changing VDSL ISP

    I am currently with Axxess but their service has gone downhill so I have decided to change ISP. I gave them the one month notice, they confirmed and stopped our service immediately. Does it usually work like this with a ISP to stop your service the moment you give them a months notice and...
  20. jannier

    VOX Fibre Feedback

    Hi, Anyone in the Cape Town region using VOX as there ISP? Would like to know how the overall experience is especially on Vumatel? latency, bandwidth speeds versus package speed.