1. H

    Question - Changing VDSL ISP

    I am currently with Axxess but their service has gone downhill so I have decided to change ISP. I gave them the one month notice, they confirmed and stopped our service immediately. Does it usually work like this with a ISP to stop your service the moment you give them a months notice and...
  2. jannier

    VOX Fibre Feedback

    Hi, Anyone in the Cape Town region using VOX as there ISP? Would like to know how the overall experience is especially on Vumatel? latency, bandwidth speeds versus package speed.
  3. Jamie McKane

    South Africa's richest man in talks to buy Vumatel

    South Africa's richest man in talks to buy Vumatel Remgro is in advanced talks to buy fiber provider Vumatel. [Bloomberg]
  4. M

    Vumatel installed, but... flashing blue power light and no helpdesk response for days

    So the installation team put my fibre line in, during which they managed to break the cable (which the second technician who showed up an hour or so later said is fairly common). He did a splice by the CPE and also outside by the main external box, which he seemed to think had resolved the...
  5. N

    Fibre Accountability

    Recently our complex got fibre installed by vumatel and i got it activated in my unit. My ISP is Rocketnet. Line activated on Feb 2nd and went down on Feb 9th afternoon and logged a ticket with Rocketnet and they logged ticket with Vumatel. On ONT box I see red light on ALARM. So i have been...
  6. D

    Twitch Upload speed unstable.

    Hi there, I've got Vumatel / CoolIdeas 100/100 package. Everything works great except for trying to live-stream to twitch. The upstream is rather unstable. I was just live-streaming from 7pm to 8pm and got 32 unstable events. Is this a Vumatel issue or is it a Cool Ideas issue? And...
  7. J

    Migrating while with Vodacom on Vumatel?

    As the result of a pretty convoluted situation Vodacom is my current FTTH ISP. I'm having a terrible time with the router situation, as the Huawei router that they supplied doesn't suite my needs, and they've gone to great lengths to prevent users from using their own routers. When I phoned...
  8. Nivea

    Fibre in South Crest!

    Hi guys, On Vumatel we currently have 37% interest shown if I'm not mistaken and would like to encourage any other people that live in South Crest to show their interest! Find your address and then sign up please! Thanks guys
  9. J

    Vumatel installation fee

    Hi folks, finally getting around to moving my apartment in CT over to fibre from ADSL via Vumatel as they are the only company covering the building at the moment. Are any of the ISP's still covering the Vumatel line installation cost (R1700)? When I looked around a while ago many of them...
  10. M

    Vumatel Fibre Process

    Hi Guys, Could anyone explain the fibre process for Vumatel please? Ihave already had the duct run through the ground and now not sure what happens from here? The booklet they provide gives a high level view of what to expect but not much as per the extract from the booklet which can be...
  11. N

    AFRIHOST/Vumatel Fibre Problems in Northcliff JHB

    Hello Folks, anyone else out there having terrible service from AFRIHOST/Vumatel ? I am beyond frustrated with their inability to answer emails (waiting time this far on mails up to 15 days - Ticket ID: ASX-712-94456 ); waiting time on-line 30+ mins that just then runs past 30 minutes or cuts...
  12. O

    Afrihost Fibre FAIL STILL!!!

    We have been using :sick: Afrihost fiber solution :sick: Vumatel. 50Mbs+ fiber is pretty fast, on paper, but in reality it is pretty slow if you are with Afrihost. We have been experiencing so many intermittend speeds that you can actually pick any number and that we have been. What about...
  13. Kloon

    Vumatel Fibre: Brackenfell North Thread

    This thread is to serve as a general thread regarding Vumatel Fibre in Brackenfell North (Ferndale, Bracken Heights, Eden Park, Springbok Park, Morgenster, Morgenster Heights & Aurana. I will try and keep this updated with build information untill all work has been done and then we can...
  14. J

    Vumatel woes - looking for Ombudsman

    So its been a year that we have fought with Vumatel for fiber, they installed in our complex and we were promised 3 weeks until the road got connected. A year later we are being told they are trying to sell the infrastructure in the complex to Metrofiberhoods who are not interested. I am...
  15. CandyMan_ZA

    Installing Vumatel Fibre in an Apartment block?

    Hi all, could someone please tell me if they have had Vumatel Fibre installed in their apartment block and how was this done? We have just had Vumatel Fibre installed in our area and neighbours can apply at their Internet Service Provider of choice. However our apartment has not been connected...
  16. Arno4Jackie

    Vumatel - Cool Ideas 100mbps fiber more problems than anything else

    Hi guys I have been on a 100mbps vumatel line for a month now. I chose Cool Idea's as my ISP since their policies and support seem to be intact. I started on a 50/5 line on the 1st of October and upgraded the end of October to 100mbps. 30% of the time there is a problem. Low connection...
  17. Newsfeed

    How many homes can get Vumatel fibre in South Africa

    How many homes can get Vumatel fibre in South Africa Vumatel’s network currently passes around 240,000 homes in South Africa, a portion of which take up fibre services.
  18. M

    Await installation (From Vumatel to Britelink) - Seriously FRUSTRATED!

    My original order for fibre was placed with Vumatel. When I phoned to follow up +/- 2 weeks later they couldn't find my information on their system after my order was supposed to be captured two weeks ago (as per above) ALREADY! Only to find out from a Cool Ideas person what the actual process...
  19. D

    Fibre Static IP Addresses

    We have a small business which operates from home and at the moment we have 5 static IP addresses with MWEB ADSL. Vumatel is in the process of finalising fibre in our area. According to WebAfrica and Mweb, they can't offer us static IP addresses on a Vumatel Fibre connection. Is this correct or...
  20. I

    Anyone except for Vumatel

    Tried googling this, but not sure.... I'm wondering what other fibre providers except for Vumatel is out there. I have been having the worst every service from them. Telkom is like a 1000 times better. So I want to weight my options up (if there are any....) to get another fibre provider...