Web Developer / Mannager Needed

Jackie Paper

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Mar 6, 2013
Hey guys and girls

I'm looking for a web guy / girl to take over from me in my company. They will pretty much have to look after all queries that come in timely, help my clients, and make changes to HTML, PHP, CSS, one site is ASP.net (not a necessity, you can learn). The WordPress sites come with documentation, easy. I just need to free myself from this work so I can go get more :) Who wants to come help? You need to understand how to do simple stuff like re-size an image correctly in Photoshop, and save out for web.

I am looking for a junior to take over, as I would like to train you up myself, but I would like someone with a years internship or 1 years practical experience. Either way, I need motivated passionate people to join the team.

Share if you know anyone fresh into our world, who loves it! Company based in Midrand


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Sep 25, 2012
So, it seems like you are seeking to hire a junior web developer that you could train to eventually replace you. Is that correct?

Is your company considering hiring a remote worker for this position? I can actually recommend you some excellent web developers if that is the case. Check them here: https://www.staff.com/skill/Web+Development

I think you will find one that fits your needs there.