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  1. PrimeSteak

    Search Bar woes

    So I'm making a dynamic search bar for the final project I'm making for CS50W (A library management system). Aaaand I'm stuck. Funnily enough, getting the results from the input I have via an onkeyup event listener and sending the value of it to the server for query results and those results...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Buttons and Django-templates for-loops are driving me mad

    Can someone please help me out? I'm going to link my SO question here cause I don't wanna retype everything. Link: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69040843/problems-with-dynamic-like-and-dislike-buttons-via-django-templates-and-js Thanks in advance for the help! Kind Regards PrimeMinister
  3. C

    Two Black Sheep

    Hi All I am a freelance developer for Java and PHP. I have 20+ years experience and have been a technical director, solutions architect, dev lead and senior systems analyst for some of the biggest companies in South Africa. After being retrenched in April, I started my company called Two Black...
  4. F

    Any NopCommerce guys here?

    Hi folks! Anyone here know their way around developing for NopCommerce 3.50? I tried my hand at it, but I am a bit out of my depth with MVC and with NopCommerce's framework (I'm a Python guy :p). I've spent more time bashing my head against the wall these last two weeks than I care to admit...
  5. A

    Urgent - Looking for senior PHP developer

    Large corporate company is based in Centurion, is urgently looking for a senior .php developer to join their current dev team. Salary bracket is 30-40k+ pm neg based on experience, with additional company benefits. Front end experience a must Zend experience a must Back end experience...
  6. J

    Junior Systems Engineer/ASP.NET Developer

    Full time position working for a service company specializing in Automation and Temperature Monitoring systems. You will work as a Junior Systems Engineer writing and maintaining code for this system. Different tasks will include Working on Front-end website using ASP.NET, C#, Jquery, etc...
  7. G

    PHP Developer Wanted

    We are a dynamic team looking for a PHP developer with a minimum of 3-years experience. Abilities in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax are a must. The ability to make Joomla, WordPress or Drupal do flick-flacks would result in immediate employment. Any SEO skills will get you bonus...
  8. R

    Ambitious web developer seeking job.

    Hi, my name is Siyabonga(Siya) Ridge Ngcobo. Due to me falling ill of Rheumatoid Arthritis and having no funds for college, I was forced to drop out of college in my second year in my IT degree and have since been freelancing in web development and design. In terms of the freelancing, I...
  9. C

    Social Web Development Team

    I am looking for the team that will build websites around South Africa, those websites will focus on ads and registration T&C’s for business profits. I was told to get a team that I can work with to make this a successful business plan. I am looking for people with web development skills...
  10. N

    Permanent position for Wordpress / CMS expert - and I am already good

    Teeny company destined to become huge needs your energy and humour - as well as your expertise - to help us attain our goals, which are interesting and certainly unique... Small team beavering away to that end, and we need another fundi urgently to get the project launched on time. Thereafter...
  11. G

    php Web Developer

    Remuneration: 15k - 25k Location: Rivonia Job level: Mid Own transport required: Yes Travel requirement: Rarely Type: Permanent Job Description We’re looking for someone awesome to join our web development team. Company Description Go Fish Client Catchers is an internet...
  12. L

    Web Developer (Mid Level) *Don't click here if you're a recruiter

    I run a digital marketing agency called Markets Online in JHB, and we are looking for a young up-and-coming PHP web developer. marketsonline.co.za We've had absolutely no luck with recruiters, so if you are a recruiter and thinking of phoning me - please don't. In light of my fruitless efforts...
  13. D

    Making websites for small local businesses

    Hi guys This is another one of those "where do I start threads". Anyway, the plan is to start making BASIC (no, not the language) websites for some local businesses as a means of "getting them exposure" and a means of making me some money. From a website perspective, i'm currently aiming...
  14. C

    Reccomendation on good web ui coding courses or books

    Hi, I am a pretty decent back end web dev especially in asp.net webforms and mvc. Strong grasp of wcf as well. The area I really fall short on is the client side ui. Graphic designer can make me a nice design, css etc but the client side UI is becoming more and more important. There is a...
  15. D

    WANTED: Website Developer proficient in both PHP and ASP.NET

    JOB OFFER: Website Developer proficient in both PHP and ASP.NET Hi guys My company, Dailyhomes.co.za, is a tech startup in Sandton, Johannesburg. We are looking to expand our software development team to add a website developer with experience in both PHP and ASP.NET (we have 2 separate...
  16. J

    Web Developer / Mannager Needed

    Hey guys and girls I'm looking for a web guy / girl to take over from me in my company. They will pretty much have to look after all queries that come in timely, help my clients, and make changes to HTML, PHP, CSS, one site is ASP.net (not a necessity, you can learn). The WordPress sites come...