Web Developer (Mid Level) *Don't click here if you're a recruiter


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Jul 16, 2014
I run a digital marketing agency called Markets Online in JHB, and we are looking for a young up-and-coming PHP web developer. marketsonline.co.za

We've had absolutely no luck with recruiters, so if you are a recruiter and thinking of phoning me - please don't.

In light of my fruitless efforts with entirely unknowledgable recruiters I'm asking any of you that fit the description to contact us.

If you know anyone who might be suitable and is looking for a job upgrade please send this thread their way.

We pay well and are looking for top talent in their 20s.

The Job Spec -------------->

We are looking for a mid level web developer.

Your primary function will be developing projects for multiple platforms including, but not limited to, websites, mobi-sites, apps (both social and mobile based). Your secondary function will be maintaining existing clients websites, projects, mailers and overflow.

You will be required to develop responsive websites, and interesting functionality within the websites. You will also be maintaining existing clients websites, projects, mailers and overflow. If you can do something cutting-edge, we'd love to add it to our skills lineup. We are an agency that likes to push the boundaries of design and development.

We work predominantly in WordPress and Magento so knowledge of either is a big advantage. We do however have a number of clients on a number of other php based frameworks, and are always looking to new frameworks that can give us the edge.

We provide results based services to our clients, so all of your designs will have a purpose beyond being beautiful. Leads, traffic, comments, and visibility are the stuff we deal in. Our SEO team will work closely with you to build sites that are smiled upon by our friends over at Google.

Required background:
- Min two years of PHP/Web development
- Min two years of MySQL experience
- Min two years Javascript experience

Company Description
Markets Online is a digital agency based in Parkwood Johannesburg. We offer our clients full digital services. Our services include: web development and design, SEO, motion graphics, video production, and inbound content marketing. If you really want to push your web development skills to the max and test your ideas - we are the place for you.

- Javascript
- JQuery

Thanks for reading, please let me know if you are interested, or share the thread with someone who might be.
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Jul 16, 2014
@ajv Generally if you're good, you're a mid-senior developer in your 30's. But there are always exceptions. We are not by any means hard and fast on this one.


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Jan 25, 2011
Thanks, was just wondering. Good luck with the search. I know of several companies looking for PHP guys, that are struggling to fill seats.