1. Ruan @ Webluno

    Looking for someone to help me with some basic PHP & MySQL

    Hi there, I'm by no means a professional PHP developer but I was hoping that some of you could help me out, I'm willing to pay if required, hope someone can help out a friend for free :). Right now I have the following code: Problem 1: The form <input> field is...
  2. S

    Junior PHP Dev (WFH)

    * We are looking for a Junior PHP Developer to join our team. * This is a work from home position (for the time being). ** Please email your CV's to We are looking for someone who :- Can work under pressure Can meet deadlines Disciplined enough to work from home Has good...
  3. M

    Wordpress site gives a 404 when attempting to log into back end

    Afrihost hosting. The site itself works fine. Initially I got an "error establishing connection to database", I changed the SQL user password and updated the wp-config.php file, then I got a 404. Any idea what I'm missing? Actual noob here.
  4. mrockett

    Full Stack Web Application Developer at Megafreight

    Established in 1980, Megafreight has been at the forefront of the freight forwarding and customs clearing industry in South Africa for 40 years. With over 200 employees nationally, we are big enough to deliver but also small enough to care. We are currently seeking an experienced software...
  5. Jan0602

    Making the change from Fibre Optic Tech to Front-end Dev at 37

    Hi all, I have been working as a fibre optic and structured networking tech for the past 8+ years. I haven't had a decent income in the past year, and I am not getting any responses with online applications. It takes a lot out of a person to just not hear anything. I would like to make a...
  6. Ryan Innes

    Senior PHP Developer

    CLOSED OFF Role: PHP Developer Experience: Senior Salary Bracket: R55k - R65k pm Neg Location: Cape Town Required Skills: PHP development experience working with OOP Working knowledge of Laravel Working experience of MVC design pattern Working knowledge of MySQL or MariaDB (including...
  7. R

    Serverless (Azure & AWS) vs Dedicated Servers

    Hey guys, Looking for opinions here, I have always used dedicated servers for Web Applications ( Not Websites ) I have been looking at Azure over the break as they now have a presence in South Africa, but I'll be honest I am not getting on with them when trying to host a PHP/Laravel Web App...
  8. ExclusiveWebHosting

    LiteSpeed Immune to PHP Exploit

    For those who may not be following latest exploit news: The National Vulnerability Database recently published notice of PHP exploit CVE-2019-11043. This exploit allowed remote code execution, particularly in PHP-FPM, the FastCGI Process Manager. One could trigger it by crafting a special...
  9. S

    AJAX not posting dropdown list items to PHP script

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am trying to post drop down selection code to a PHP scrip using AJAX, but it's not being sent to the PHP script. Here's the AJAX code: <script> function createNew() { $("#add-more").hide(); var data = `<tr class="table-row"...
  10. H

    Starting in API Integration. Need a Framework

    Hi Guys I'm a intermediate PHP developer looking to integrate a JSON based API. Is there a framework I can use that helps me get started without "reinventing the wheel" I'd like to just be able to authenticate and read from the API to start and later look at creating and updating data. I've...
  11. L

    Senior PHP Software Developer (Assemble)

    Basic Information Title: Senior Software Developer Location: Paulshof, Johannesburg Gauteng. Required Work Experience: Between 5 and 8+ years of professional development experience. Salary: Negotiable depending on experience. Job Description / Responsibilities As a...
  12. Thor

    MySQL Questions

    Just a general thread for questions related to MySQL. Here is my question, when should one use stored procedures? I use PHP with PDO and almost always have a dynamic where clause, is it wrong to use prepared statements throughout the app instead of stored procedures, how do you even make use...
  13. SashenG

    PHP Issue / Please HELP

    Hi All, Having an issue where my PHP redirects to the actual form when i click on submit, (just a white page with errors), but i did get the email like 6 hours later, Can anyone assist ? <?php // Variables $name = trim($_POST['name']); $email = trim($_POST['email']); $phone =...
  14. D

    PhP CSS referencing

    Hi I'm writing a Php code that should open a different CSS page after logging in, SCENARIO : once you open the web page, you get to a home page that has basically a set of messages in the headers and a paragraph. You are required to log in or signup, the signup is not a problem and once you...
  15. Thor

    Web Design :: Web Development :: Web Hosting :: PR Konsult :: Affordable Web Design

    Job description: Web Design and Development Location or telecommuting: Based in Cape Town and telecommute. Permanent or part-time: Freelance Junior, intermediary or senior: Intermediary Web Design and Development and Senior Marketing Availability: Always open (Have a small team that assists when...
  16. D

    PreBuilt "Softaculous" script vs building from scratch in .NET MVC

    Hi Everyone, Was hoping someone could assist with a project that I am working on. Not sure if I should go with a pre-built PHP script or from scratch .NET MVC. This is for a very specific e-commerce setup. After showing the developer the script, he mentioned that it is built using PHP...
  17. Johnatan56

    PHP mysqli db Connect

    Hi, I have a question in regards to best practice. Currently I have a php file called dbConnStart which starts the database connection: $serverName = "localhost"; $username = "root"; $password = ""; //create connection $conn = new mysqli($serverName, $username...
  18. A

    WebAfrica Hosting Issues

    Hi Everyone I would like to know if anyone has been noticing issues on PHP sites hosted on the Windows package with WebAfrica? We do support for a couple of companies that have their domains hosted at WebAfrica and these pages are mostly "static" PHP 5 pagers. The website can be down...
  19. P

    Axxess hosted Website Database connection

    Any help, I'm having trouble connecting to my website database for a website hosted at Axxess. Keep getting "access denied" error. The thing is the website works fine on localhost and also tried it at AH and it also worked well there. Anyone help?
  20. K

    Server setup, Hosting and Web Designer/Developer and professional media available

    Job description: Web developer/designer, Server Setups and Hosting - Professional Media also available. Location or telecommuting: Durban Permanent or part-time: Freelance, Depends on your project and needs Junior, intermediary or senior: Experienced (Very) Availability: Full dedication...