1. PrimeSteak

    Buttons and Django-templates for-loops are driving me mad

    Can someone please help me out? I'm going to link my SO question here cause I don't wanna retype everything. Link: Thanks in advance for the help! Kind Regards PrimeMinister
  2. PrimeSteak

    Quick Code Review (Javascript)

    Hey guys, can someone give a quick look at my code for a calculator that takes a user's age in years and converts it into seconds. While I think my code is sound, Windows says otherwise.... But I ran my code through an online js code validator and it gave me the all clear? So what else should...
  3. mrockett

    Full Stack Web Application Developer at Megafreight

    Established in 1980, Megafreight has been at the forefront of the freight forwarding and customs clearing industry in South Africa for 40 years. With over 200 employees nationally, we are big enough to deliver but also small enough to care. We are currently seeking an experienced software...
  4. W

    Java and Web Programmer - Cape Town [TASK:204147]

    About our Company WorkPool is a successful, dynamic software company based near the N1 City, Century City area. We’ve been developing web-based solutions for many years. Our clients span multiple industries and are of varying sizes (small businesses to large corporates) in SA and now expanding...
  5. Jan0602

    Making the change from Fibre Optic Tech to Front-end Dev at 37

    Hi all, I have been working as a fibre optic and structured networking tech for the past 8+ years. I haven't had a decent income in the past year, and I am not getting any responses with online applications. It takes a lot out of a person to just not hear anything. I would like to make a...
  6. S

    AJAX not posting dropdown list items to PHP script

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am trying to post drop down selection code to a PHP scrip using AJAX, but it's not being sent to the PHP script. Here's the AJAX code: <script> function createNew() { $("#add-more").hide(); var data = `<tr class="table-row"...
  7. newklear

    Load jQuery text file top to bottom on HTML [ Solved ]

    Howdy doodee!, need some pointers please Situation: I have a text file that is updated one line at a time. I can change the order of how each line is saved in the text file (i.e inserted at beginning of file or end of text file). Using text matches if line is a repeat, the line is deleted and...
  8. L

    Senior PHP Software Developer (Assemble)

    Basic Information Title: Senior Software Developer Location: Paulshof, Johannesburg Gauteng. Required Work Experience: Between 5 and 8+ years of professional development experience. Salary: Negotiable depending on experience. Job Description / Responsibilities As a...
  9. M


    I've always heard about GreaseMonkey but never tried it. I came across TamperMonkey yesterday by chance and thought to give it a go. Pretty cool and useful. For example, I don't like the fact that my mybb username is displayed on the top, as sometimes a colleague can come to my desk and I would...
  10. D

    Node.js and Angular.js Developers - Sandton

    Hey, everyone! I urgently (like tomorrow) need an dev who is skilled in Node and Angular and has 3+ years experience for a contract on-site in Sandton or Johannesburg CBD (one of the major banks), must be under R450/hour. Please PM me if interested. Thanks
  11. C

    Senior Software Developer Required

    Hi Everyone! We are on the lookout for a senior full stack engineer for our company (CM Value Added Services). We are a Wireless ISP located in Rivonia - JHB and are offering a high-end salary for a high-end skill set. We are a national Network Operator who physically constructs and...
  12. T

    Python vs JavaScript for Full Stack

    I want to become full stack web developer/engineer. Javascript is becoming an all rounder, but is it as efficient? Maybe one day want to work with AI and things too so Python would definitely help there.
  13. Z

    Getting to Grips with ES6: Destructuring

    Hey guys, I am writing a small series on ES6 and thought I would drop a link to my latest article: Getting to Grips with ES6: Destructuring I'm relatively new to this "writing" game so feel free to be as critical as you want of these articles... your feedback will help me iron out any issues...
  14. Project_Balance

    Freelance web application developer - .Net MVC

    This is an opportunity for a freelance consultant to work with a small but dynamic US-based company. We work in a casual and supportive work environment. We are looking for talented freelance software developers based in South Africa. Start Date: ASAP Hours: Contract, full time opportunity (40...
  15. D

    Software Architect 7+ Years Experience Freelancer

    Hi, Please see by online C.V.: :) Available for contract work, and am willing to setup monthly retainers should you need a more committed resource. PM me if you are interested! Primary languages JavaScript Erlang/Elixir C# Enterprise Bash Secondary...
  16. Project_Balance

    Front End Developer - data driven web applications

    This is an opportunity to have a huge impact on the design of deliverables and work with a dynamic US-based company. We work in a casual and supportive work environment. We are looking for talented individuals to work in East London, South Africa. However if your skills meet the needs of the...
  17. T

    Mid-Level to Senior Developers

    Hi there! We have exciting opportunities for Developers in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We are looking for 5x PHP Developers 4x UX/UI Developers 3x Java Developers 1x Scala Developer 1x DevOps Engineer 3x Asp.Net Developer 4x Front-End Developer 1x Web Developer (AngularJS) 1x iOS...
  18. D

    Full Stack Developer - dHub

    Overview Full stack developers will have a range of responsibilities from shaping and implementing strategic products to ensuring that Liberty stays on the leading edge of technology Our Full stack developers contribute across the technology stack, from database and DevOps infrastructure that...
  19. A

    JOB: Ruby on Rails Developer Needed (Sandton)

    ANVIL PropertySmith is a cutting edge commercial & industrial property services company. Using disruptive technology to rapidly gain market share. ANVIL PropertySmith presents a unique opportunity for a coder who wishes to learn about the Commercial & Industrial Property Industry. Working in a...
  20. R

    Senior Java Developer (Contract position) - Midrand

    RedCat Recruitment is urgently seeking a SENIOR JAVA DEVELOPER (CONTRACT POSITION) – position based in Midrand. QUALIFICATIONS Grade 12. Formal qualification in IT (Diploma / Degree) or equivalent working experience. 8yrs+ previous working experience in Java. Working experience working...