1. O junior/intermediate developer, Cape Town

    about you You love beautiful code and know that the proper indentation is a tab and not a bunch of spaces. Anything else is just a waste of space. As a result, you can't wait to roll that out as a site-wide update - and let us know about the bandwidth saved. You embrace a good challenge and...
  2. S

    Software Developer

    Programmer We have two vacancies - one for a Senior Developer in Johannesburg and the other for a Developer in Springfield 1. Responsible for design, development and support of software systems/subsystems 2. Assist in providing plans and estimations for scoping of software...
  3. BitCo

    Online marketing co-ordinator

    Description: Seeking qualified junior developer who has great articulation skills and loves technology for: website maintenance, digital marketing assistance and growing BitCo in the online world. This position is for a young individual who is self-driven, enthusiastic about communication...
  4. G

    [UTH job position] Competent junior web developer

    Uni-Tech Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Email: SKILL REQUIREMENT • Experience in writing solutions using the languages XHTML, PHP 4/5, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery and CSS 2/3. • W3C standard compliance for Responsive Design and cross browser compatibility • Have experience in...
  5. C

    Social Web Development Team

    I am looking for the team that will build websites around South Africa, those websites will focus on ads and registration T&C’s for business profits. I was told to get a team that I can work with to make this a successful business plan. I am looking for people with web development skills...
  6. C

    Entry Level Web Developer – Cape Town (Northern Suburbs)

    We are a young, fast growing start-up providing services to the ISP market looking to fill a Entry Level/Junior Web Developer position. You should be quick learner looking to grow your skillset and enhance your abilities. Requirements: • Be Quick Learner • All the legal requirements • Some...
  7. L

    Web Developer (Mid Level) *Don't click here if you're a recruiter

    I run a digital marketing agency called Markets Online in JHB, and we are looking for a young up-and-coming PHP web developer. We've had absolutely no luck with recruiters, so if you are a recruiter and thinking of phoning me - please don't. In light of my fruitless efforts...
  8. R

    Permanent or Freelance Node.js Work

    I'm a self taught programmer currently in a senior Rails position, But I'm looking for some afterhour node.js work as I love working on it as a platform. If anyone is interested in my CV please PM me. Regards Rujaun
  9. N

    Interesting Tech Startups - PTA/JHB

    Hello everyone, Do any of you know of any interesting or 'cool' tech startups in the PTA, Centurion, JHB (Braam and surrounds) areas? Although I know they're out there, things seem pretty quiet this side (compared to all the noise from Cape Town)...
  10. N

    Software Developer and Support Engineer - Web Applications

    Software Developer/Support Engineer - Web Apps - Pretoria WITHDRAWN
  11. F

    Junior Web Developer - Firewater Interactive

    Great opportunity at Firewater Interactive for if you are straight out of varsity or college & have little or no experience! Our highly experienced team of masters in the digital world is looking for an individual to assist with and learn the underworld of website design & development where...
  12. C

    Graduate: Front-End Engineer/ Developer

    PDT is looking for awesome, young & energetic Graduates, who have code running through their veins! You will help design and build beautiful and intuitive user interfaces for our API-driven web applications. You will help us create the best content delivery experience, for both the consumers...
  13. PseudZ

    How to preload HTML tabs

    Hi all, I have a HTML/CSS/Javascript content tab system that I am using and a problem I am having is that while the page is loading it shows all the content on the page at once, only once the page has finished loading does it put it into the tabs. Now I know one can load say just the...
  14. C

    How to set a variable's value to the input of a 'prompt()' popup in JavaScript

    Hi all, Do any of you know how to set a variable equal to the value of the input in a prompt(); popup in JavaScript? I want to make a popup password for a restricted part of my webpage, which will continue if the password is correct and redirect itself to the previous page if it doesn't work...
  15. B

    Wanted: Someone with excellent JavaScript skills

    Hi, We are looking for a developer for a couple of hours a week to help out on a project we doing. We are a local team of 2 people working for an overseas client. Skills requirement: Excellent Javascript skills Excellent Html skills Knowledge of .NET / visual studio Send me a...
  16. 1

    Ghana's PIN (Personal Identification Number) - JavaScript Validation

    I'm trying to find any accurate definition of Ghana's equivalent of our ID number (which they call PIN) so that I can write a client-side script to validate this number in a form. I haven't been able to find a script, or even a description of how that number is calculated. E.g. South Africa's ID...
  17. J

    Calling all Javascript Experts: HELP

    Hello to all, First of all, thank you for taking the time to look at my problem. I am working on a web form that uses JavaScript to dynamically insert select boxes into the form, i managed to develop a simple script that was able to do achieve this. Basically, i want to have a select box with...
  18. ?

    The EXTJS Thread

    I'm building a large RIA application using EXTJS, and would like to dynamically load components (extended classes) from within the main application.js script. The application will eventually run as an Intranet application that will be regularly amended and modified as requests for additional...
  19. W


    Are there any Node.js hackers lurking around here? For the uninitiated: You can use node.js to easily build scalable network programs using server-side Javascript. I'm keen to start some form of South African node.js interest group
  20. D

    javascript error in Netbeans

    Hi I'm getting these error for this function in Netbeans, What am I missing here? missing ; after for loop missing ; before statement