1. R

    Free JS chart generator

    Hey fellow web devs... There have been a few requests before for chart generators - so naturally, when I came across this javascript-only chart generator, I thought of you. :o
  2. Kloon

    Web2.0 Standards

    So my question is this, with ajax becomming a standard nowadays and all fancy things being done to websites with javascript is enabling javascript on your browser a must? I have read that some people prefer to disable javascript due to being afraid of attacks through it. Must you develop your...
  3. J

    Beat my score

    I know it's not very good, but I tried: My Score Can you beat it?
  4. PseudZ


    I have a simple javascript that displays lotto numbers, but at the moment it just displays one number eg. 36 how do i get it to display all 6 (or 7) in one line eg. 45, 23, 14, 18, 37, 22 Code: <script language="javascript"> function randnums(){ //create a random integer between 0 and 5...