Wii soft mod hack without Twilight Princess. Works PERFECT


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Mar 17, 2009
I looked and didn't see any mention of this. But if you have a wii, you should definitely check this link out.

Follow the instructions CAREFULLY and you can load all games right from a small portable hard drive. I hooked up an old 60gb portable external and loaded all 8 of my games on it. now I never need to use discs. I also was able to get homebrew working, and my wife & I just spent the weekend going through all our old favorite NES & SNES games, with the bonus of being able to save our progress at any point to not get sent back to the beginning.

It works so well. It also allows it to play all region free games.

And because I could never get drybowser unlocked in Mario Kart, i used the cheat program in home brew to quickly unlock Dry Bowser.

Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully.