Yahoo Mail outage continue

Yahoo mail was down? I didn't even notice (probably 'cause I dont know anyone with a yahoo email address :p )
Are you sure it's just its fourth day? I haven't received an email from a yahoo address in about 5 years. It's about time someone fixed it...
BTW, how did they know it was down? Did the developer's spam email account stop working?
Yahoo still very popular in places like India, which is probably why it still exists today
I've got a Yahoo account. It's the one I use to sign up for services that I know will spam me.
I had a yahoo account many years ago... When it was recently announced that Yahoo will close inactive accounts I went to check on mine. Eish, it brought back memories. Party invites still on there, mails from ex-gf's I forgot about, good stories and sad stories.
And SPAM, literally thousands of spam mails
I use Yahoo as my main account. Gmail is my spam mail account ;)

The outage has been annoying though, didn't receive emails I expected etc. Rarely get spammed on yahoo, at most 2 spam mails a week compared to the gmail account that somehow manages to rack up hundreds of spam mails in days.