Your go-to screen capture and annotation software?


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Jul 29, 2015
I need to be able to do normal screen capture and annotation (text / arrows / whatever). Nothing out of the ordinary. Only still capture required. No video
What is your go-to?
Snagit is $45 per year, which it not too bad, but any others?
Command Shift 5 to screen capture on Mac and Windows Shift S on PC works
I don't want to use built-in or Snipping tool as it involves another step to annotate. Annotating in Paint or Snipping tool is just garbage...
Print Screen button in Windows 11. Has all the features you need.
You certainly are fussy by not wanting to open another free app on your PC and would rather spend R841 a year by avoiding this one step :unsure:
Other than the native tools within Windows, ShareX is a good alternative.
On Ubuntu I use Flameshot for basic screen capturing and annotating, works well for my purposes, and it's free.
No it doesn't.

You can use it as is. They only want you to sign up if you want to save the whiteboard.

MS Whiteboard isn't actually too bad. Functionally it needs to be expanded, but it delivers.
Microsoft PowerToys Text Extractor to capture any non-text as text is still available.