Your go-to screen capture and annotation software?

I don't want to use built-in or Snipping tool as it involves another step to annotate. Annotating in Paint or Snipping tool is just garbage...
So the rodent just wanted to flex for paying $45 for some software, You did ask what others are using but you are saying others use garbage.
You can type PSR into your start menu, and capture all your screens as needed. It takes screenshots of every mouse click until you stop it.

Already built into windows, so no $$ required.

A Microsoft tool called ZoomIt v8.01, has what you need for free. Annotation is much easier to use than with paint.
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I've been using Shottr for the past 2 years. It's nagware (on startup and when you grab - but doesn't get in the way), but totally usable. I rewired ⌘+SHIFT+4 and never looked back.
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