Zimbra or MS Exchange


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Nov 15, 2010
We're currently running an Exchange 2003 Server for providing e-mail and collaboration services to 60 users, 10 Blackberry's and some Smart-phones via ActiveSync. Our company have grown beyond the 60 CAL's and thus some 40 users are running of an additional Linux mail server.

I would like to acquire Exchange 2010 with 150 CAL's, but are also interested in Zimbra's Network Edition and was wondering if anyone have used and could provide me with some more information regarding Zimbra.

Would you recommend me opting for MS Exchange and all the licensing fees etc. or Zimbra.


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Mar 5, 2007
I can only comment on the usability of Zimbra, as my wife's work uses it. I find it a viable alternative to Exchange and would actually prefer using it over Exchange... The web-based interface for Zimbra is excellent and has a very usable mobile interface as well...