Best mobile network in SA revealed

New research from P3 Communications shows that Vodacom has the best cellular network in South Africa.

P3 Communications, a German engineering firm specializing in testing 2G/3G networks worldwide, tested Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and 8ta’s mobile networks in December 2011.

While the research was contracted by Vodafone, P3 Communications is mandated to function completely independently and provide objective results about network performance.

The research involved HTTP download, FTP Upload, HTTP web browsing and ICMP latency tests in South Africa’s largest cities from the 1st to the 22nd of December 2011. The number of samples included up to 2,890 for data tests and 2,800 for voice.

According to the P3 Communications research Vodacom had the best voice and data performance, as shown in the tables below.

Voice Drive test Call Setup Success Ratio [%] Dropped Call Ratio [%] Speech Quality [Mean Opinion Score]
Vodacom 98.4 1.1 3.7
MTN 97.7 2.4 3.6
Cell C 98.2 1.7 3.7
8ta 88.2 1.7 3.6
DATA Nomadic test (Data dongle: max 43.2 Mbps DL / 5.76Mbps UL)
Network Download (kbps) Upload (kbps) Latency (ms)
Vodacom 4,927 1,612 60
MTN 2,865 799 87
Cell C 3,539 1,176 206
8ta 3,976 1,836 48

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Best mobile network in SA revealed