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Thread: Cell C

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    Cell C (Pty) Ltd is one of three mobile network operators in South Africa. It offers products and services to more than 7 million customers. With a network capable of providing voice, data and multimedia communications, the company is committed to delivering to subscribers a full range of GSM services, based on the key principles of affordability, accessibility and value for money. Launched in November 2001, Cell C has rolled out more than 2,600 base stations nationwide and carries over 87% of its own traffic. The network operator has roaming agreements with 519 telecommunications operators in 181 countries worldwide. Cell C is South Africa's most empowered telecommunications company in terms of equity ownership, preferential procurement, employment equity and enterprise and skills development.

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    Early 2011, Cell C sold off its 50% stake in Virgin Mobile, but continues to work with the company as a network partner.

    Also in 2011 Cell C went through a major brand overhaul; rebranding the company from red to black and white. Additionally, local comedian, Trevor Noah, became fully integrated into their marketing campaign - using comedy and tongue-in-cheek jabs at competitors as a foothold into re-establishing itself into the market.

    New Cell C Branding:

    Cell C has since also been involved in court-cases with rival Network provider, Vodacom, regarding their marketing methods and product claims.
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