iPad Mini scrolling issue won’t be fixed

Apple has responded to complaints of the “Jelly Scroll” issue experienced by users of the latest iPad Mini, saying it is typical LCD behaviour and doesn’t need to be corrected.

Apple told Ars Technica that these displays refresh line-by-line, creating a slight delay between when the lines at the top and bottom of the screen are refreshed.

This behaviour can make it seem like one side of the display is lagging behind the other — evident on the 6th generation of the iPad Mini while scrolling in portrait mode.

The latest iPad Mini features an LCD screen with a 60Hz refresh rate, and Ars Technica has confirmed that the effect is not evident on other 60Hz LCD iPads.

According to Ars Technica, Apple does not believe that there is a hardware or software problem with the device that needs to be fixed, with the company saying this is just the way the display behaves.

A report from The Verge suggests that Apple is correct in its explanation of the issue.

Although the phenomenon may not be as noticeable on other similar screens, the report stated that it is evident on many LCD monitors when visiting websites that specifically test for it.

The effect is most noticeable on the latest iPad Mini when scrolling slowly through web pages or documents with a lot of text.

iStore made the new iPad Mini available for pre-order on 17 September, with prices ranging from R8,999 to R14,399.

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iPad Mini scrolling issue won’t be fixed