How much SA’s Internet users earn

South Africa’s Internet population typically resides in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban, mainly speaks English and Afrikaans, and earns between R20,000 and R70,000+ per month.

These are some of the findings of the August 2012 DMMA/Effective Measure demographic statistics, which are based on 134,349 surveys completed by South African Internet users.

According to the DMMA/Effective measure survey stats, 97.5% of South African Internet users are over 20 years of age.

27% of local netizens reside in Johannesburg, 17% live in Cape Town, 14% in Pretoria, and 8% in Durban.

When it comes to languages spoken at home (which can include two or more languages), English reigns surprise with 67%, followed by Afrikaans at 43%, and IsiZulu with 9%.

South Africa’s Internet users are, not unexpectedly, well heeled. 59% of Internet users have a monthly household income of over R20,000 per month, with 12% of users boasting an income of over R70,000 per month.

Monthly household income of SA Internet users
Monthly household income of SA Internet users

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How much SA’s Internet users earn