Google Bard can now use your Maps and Gmail data

Google has updated its ChatGPT-like AI text generation tool Bard to support integration with several of its popular apps and services.

In a blog post about the update, Bard product management director Yury Pinksy explained the capability was enabled through Bard Extensions.

Enabling these extensions allows the ChatGPT rival to find and show information from Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Hotels.

“For example, if you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, you can now ask Bard to grab the dates that work for everyone from Gmail, look up real-time flight and hotel information, see Google Maps directions to the airport, and even watch YouTube videos of things to do there — all within one conversation,” explained Pinksy.

“Or, imagine you’re applying for a new job and using Bard to help with the process.”

“You could ask Bard to ‘find my resume titled June 2023 from my Drive and summarise it to a short paragraph personal statement,’ and continue collaborating on your new cover letter.”

Pinksy emphasised that using the Workspace extensions will not allow human reviewers to see peoples’ Gmail, Docs, or Drive content, nor be used to train the model Bard or show users’ personalised ads.

Users can also switch the extensions on and off at any time.

In addition to the extensions, Google has introduced a new double-checking feature for Bard, which intends to help users identify whether the information they were being shown was accurate.

“When a statement can be evaluated, you can click the highlighted phrases and learn more about supporting or contradicting information found by [Google] Search,” Pinksy said.

Users who are sent a Bard chat through a public link will also be able to ask the tool additional questions on that topic by clicking on a new “Continue this chat” button.

Lastly, Google is adding support for features such as uploading images with Lens, getting Search image results in responses, and modifying Bard’s responses in over 40 languages.

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Google Bard can now use your Maps and Gmail data