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  • I'm also having issues with disappearing LTE-data. It's Rain, but via Afrihost. Any chance you can help as the rest of customer supports seems to not have any answers?
    Hi AfriMan, I just read your messages in the CrystalWeb/Evonet forum. Without any noticification my line all of sudden doesn't work anymore, I never cancelled anything after last months disaster, still hoping it was only a hikup. But I'm now completly done with them. Today I signed up again with Afrihost, can you help to get my line working again. Email adress: [email protected] Line: 021-8671055 ADSL 10 Mbps.
    I'll do my absolute best for you. I'll pass this onto our Openserve manager, and then follow up. Many crystal web clients are reporting that their lines have been cancelled so it may not be an instant fix. But I'll do everything I can.
    After signing up with AH, I received a message that the line order had been rejected due to a pending order. I called Telkom sales, according to them there was no pending order or anything. All they could do was give me a new DLS line, would take 7 to 14 days with a technician to come. I asked for urgency, didn't know they could move so fast, or what happend but noticed a few minutes later that I have a working line!
    Best to leave it with me for now. We're busy negotiating with Openserve, so submitting a separate order may confuse things :(
    Hi there, tell me is it possible to use a different sim in the router and if so what setting will need to be changed? And when i revert back to the rain sim what setting do I need, I'm sure there's an APN setting.
    Hi AfriMan. There looks to be a problem with the cloud hosting at the moment but it's not shown on your site yet. Our and our client's servers are slow/not responding. I don't know if Afrihost knows yet.
    Really slow torrent downloads 6Kb/s usually 350Kb/s can you please remember to turn the throttling off after 5pm - Andy
    Hi Afriman

    I am currently on a 10mb uncapped line and plan to move to a 10mb business uncapped line......
    Could u perhaps give me info on some stuff like shapping on the business line, will get full speeds 24/7 on the business line compared to the uncapped line couz i am currently shaped now:( i want to get away from that and not get shapped at all so could u please give me some info on the business line? would it be good for me kind of a downloader and gamer with some streaming in so ya:) any help will be appreciated.

    Hi Afriman,

    It is 5:20pm and my torrents are coming down at 6kB/s? They usually come down about 350kB/s have you guys forgot to turn the throttling off?

    Hi there

    You'll need to cancel any data with your current ISP directly with them, as we can't do so for you. With regard to your line, we can arrange a transfer for you but only if the line is directly with Telkom. If you have your line with an ISP, then you'll need to move it back to Telkom first.
    Hey afriman. I'm currently with mweb but I was considering moving to afrihost. I wanted to know if I would have to first cancel my mweb account in order to get an account with you guys. And how long would it take for the account to get up and running.
    Hey AfriMan,

    Thanks for the response to my post! I'm fairly confident the issue isn't with you guys and Telkom have done something funny, but if you could check it out and maybe find something faulty i'd really appreciate it!

    Username is [email protected] and email address is [email protected].

    Thanks in advance!
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