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    Senior Technical Officer: Research

    Stellenbosch University Faculty of Science NARGA Linux System Administrator Division Senior Technical Officer: Research (Ref. NW09/363/1014) Apply online at Duties: • Supporting research-driven computer activities for research staff and postgraduate...
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    Encoded text when I forward from Gmail

    I've just moved to Cell C using a BlackBerry, when I try to forward or reply to an email the text is encoded (see below). I went to the Cell C shop but they couldn't assist. Does anybody know how I can fix it? I'm using a Gmail account. Sample of text that people receive...
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    Thank you Cell C

    Want to say a big thanks to the Cell C store in Centurion Mall. I only had 20 minutes today to get a prepaid BlackBerry package. I had no clue what I was doing but the sales person took care of everything. He advised me on the best package as I only need emails on this device and then...
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    Help with cancelling an upgrade

    I cancelled the upgrade for my Vodacom contract on 12/7/2012 but I'm struggling to get confirmation of the cancellation. I called 082 155 and they told me to call 082 1959. Which I did and then cancelled the upgrade with them twice. The third time I called this number to confirm my...
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    Cure for baldness: scientists discover chemical that stops hair from growing

    Sounds great if it works but I wonder if there won't be side effects if you use a potion to stunt the secretion of this protein called PDG2?
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    Microsoft tablet freezes up during Windows 8 stage demo

    Hope they manage to fix whatever bug is plaguing them by the predicted October launch. I'd like to see Microsoft launch a really great OS, something that creates a bit of hype in the market.
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    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 now available through SA channel R1,740 is not bad especially for an Adobe product. Anyone using Lightroom? What's the difference between Photoshop Lightroom and just Photoshop?
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    Auditors in Pretoria/Midrand area

    Can anyone recommend an auditing firm in the Pretoria/Midrand area?
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    4 things that can shrink your brain

    All these factors are very predictable but then I came across: I can't afford to lose 10-20% of my brain, I need all the grey matter I can get :D.
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    ANCYL no interest in befriending white people

    Full article: Malema on warpath Wonder what the ANC will say about this?
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    Hats off to Telkom billing

    I'll probably get lambasted for this :) but Telkom's billing department have really impressed me. I've used just about every provider in the country and done my fair share of complaining about the billing so it's only fair to comment when an operator gets something right ;). Every month...
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    Manyi holds axe over media freedom with R1-billion ad spend

    Jimmy Manyi says he will spend the government's advertising budget based on how well media publications report on government service delivery according to Time's Live article. Many companies work this way but man you don't come out and say something like this as a government spokesperson...
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    Alison Treadaway

    Alison Treadaway is the Managing Director of Striata's African operations based in South Africa (SA). Alison has 15 years experience in Internet-related positions, including Group Marketing Executive at one of the first Internet Service Providers in South Africa and various positions within...
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    Sexy men have longer ring fingers Not such great news for women with long ring fingers: It seems the length of your fingers are influence by exposure to testosterone in the womb, those exposed to more testosterone have longer ring...