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    Afrihost Fibre Activation pop-up

    Thanks for the help. Message AfriNatic with hopefully a solution to this.
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    Afrihost Fibre Activation pop-up

    HI there, hope I selected correct category for this topic. We just went live yesterday with Afrihost Fibre (metrofibre), have my own router with 2 WIFI extenders (old router I use) but we keep on getting the Afrihost Fibre Activation pop-up on the other routers. Contacted their helpdesk...
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    Government officials referred for investigation and disciplinary action over dodgy COVID-19 contracts

    Should use a picture on the post that is more realistic to the race group of the current government. ...racist
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    VPN setup on Router

    NOOOOOOOoooooo, you nailed it.
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    VPN setup on Router

    HI there. I have a D-LINK - DSL-G2562DG Router and want to setup VPN on the router itself, so first doing some research on this. I know how to use VPN on a computer but never set this up on a router before. My router offer these options. IPSec L2TP LAC L2TP LNS VPN Lite Does anyone know of...
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    My moodle site need more resources and unoconv installed.

    Thanks for the reply. Bit new at this, but what involves managing the VPS. Will that be a weekly, monthly or yearly task?
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    My moodle site need more resources and unoconv installed.

    Hi. I have a very busy domain that both run our website, learners forum, payments and elearning installation. Reason is because it shares databases for some tasks. Currently with Domains on a re-seller server and our domain is starting to running out of resources, especially when have have...
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    FreshPhone no support

    Eventually got hold of them on
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    FreshPhone no support

    HI there. Going weeks now of trying to get support from Every single link, may that be support and forum including contact numbers direct to When you contact them, they tell you they have nothing to do with FreshPhones and asked them several times to remove...
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    Best VoIP service?

    FreshPhones definitely not a option. There is no support from them.
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    Ads UIF-Covid19 TERS -‎ expose user details today

    We just discovered this on the website. You login, and when you keep on refreshing it start showing other peoples UIF details. Full details, emails the lot. EZ
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    I ordered 2 cellphones 1 month (30 days) before lockdown. One was faulty, returned the next day. With level 4 the issue was still not resolved and they returned again the faulty phone to me. I just ended up getting it locally repaired. The entire Lockdown they keep on advertising, but no way of...
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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Xiaomi Mi 7
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    Best router to track network usage and abuse

    HI there. Small complex network, only 6 units. Kids from next door managed to hack our WIFI with WPS APPs 3 months ago. Now disabled, tried every APP to hack WIFI and they cannot get in. But we still get that visitor in the complex that take the opportunity of fast ADSL line to update his...
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    What is the best mobile phone you have ever owned?

    Redmi Note 5A Prime Best value for money, backup cloud service, do not force you to take a bunch of APPS as default, lots extra features. We REDMI fans, all our staff only have Redmi phones. Find them also to be much durable than the other phones.