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    What is the best mobile phone you have ever owned?

    Redmi Note 5A Prime Best value for money, backup cloud service, do not force you to take a bunch of APPS as default, lots extra features. We REDMI fans, all our staff only have Redmi phones. Find them also to be much durable than the other phones.
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    Webafrica and Afrihost unable to deliver CellC Lite simcard

    Hi there. All I wanted is a CellC Lite simcard - and I need it URGENTLY! Got the router, just need the simcard. Webafrica, done, paid, 7 days later the simcard is still not dispatched. But their website advert stating delivery within 5 business days. So I cancelled on Wednesday and ordered it...
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    Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps: Claim?

    Headline say: "Whoosh! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps!" Further in the marketing is say: "....enjoying internet speeds of up to 50Mbps" I ordered on my WebAfrica account 5 xCellC LTE simcards, 1 x Springs, 4 in Durban, all different areas...
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    Thanks for the message.

    Thanks for the message.
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    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Thanks for the response. I did find them on google, but what put me off on their website was this: We do NOT offer any direct Email support. We do NOT offer any Telephonic Customer support.
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    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Been with Webafrica for a while, even before the VOIP service was with nexus. So I have a couple of VOIP phones. 1. Tickets open from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 months, no feedback. Not one response! (Apparently Internet Solutions is working on it when you call them.) 2. Their dashboard offer all kind...
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    Facebook account hack +27872406458 + +27872406452

    No comment. Hacking into my account was a mistake?
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    Facebook account hack +27872406458 + +27872406452

    Interesting update on this. So I received this email from Facebook to say that someone managed to login to my FB account from a Rebel phone +27722791768. So I done the whole FB password change and security questions they asked for it, except that I noticed this number appears still on my FB...
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    Facebook account hack +27872406458 + +27872406452

    That is what puzzle me also. Ok, so I went and click on the link, but it did not ask me to input anything else.
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    Facebook account hack +27872406458 + +27872406452

    Hi there. My facebook account got hacked, seconds after I received this SMS and clicked on it. Received an second SMS seconds after this once from +27872406452 that states "162458 is your Facebook password reset code (Never even entered any codes, just clicked on the first link.) Any idea how...
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    LAN Failover from ADSL to LITE service Setup

    Hi, hope this is the right forum. New it this. -ADSL Line - primary router constantly down for short periods. (Cheap data) -CellC lite - second router use as failover. Is there a router, device or setup that I can follow to allow for this for home use? So if the internet on the ADSL is down...
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    Need help: Telkom Business line down since October 2017, simply no response

    Hi there. We based very close to Durban CPD area. One of our offices telkom/adsl line down since October 2017. Numerous phone calls, no response. Eventually a technician arrived a week ago, said he is going to test it with the hub, walked out, never came back to test and simply closed the...
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    Takealot website not working

    Hi there. Is it just me? Notice that the website is not loading correctly. EZ
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    Afrihost data simcards deleted by MTN without warning after 6 months.

    MTN delete your Afrihost Simcard if no MTN airtime is loaded every 6 months, and it is not Afrihost problem, nor is it in their agreement. Hi there. I recently discovered that Afrihost data simcards were deleted by MTN after 6 months if no airtime was loaded on it. (You can do a...
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    Mobile cellphone repeaters what MHz to use?

    Hi there. New at this, so any help will do. Want to purchase a online Cellphone Booster/repeater for a farm. Double story farm house, top have signal with almost zero on the ground level. Already purchased one and tested that does not work - not even a bit. Frequency Range 824-849MHz...