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    Ads UIF-Covid19 TERS -‎ expose user details today

    We just discovered this on the website. You login, and when you keep on refreshing it start showing other peoples UIF details. Full details, emails the lot. EZ
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    I ordered 2 cellphones 1 month (30 days) before lockdown. One was faulty, returned the next day. With level 4 the issue was still not resolved and they returned again the faulty phone to me. I just ended up getting it locally repaired. The entire Lockdown they keep on advertising, but no way of...
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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Xiaomi Mi 7
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    Best router to track network usage and abuse

    HI there. Small complex network, only 6 units. Kids from next door managed to hack our WIFI with WPS APPs 3 months ago. Now disabled, tried every APP to hack WIFI and they cannot get in. But we still get that visitor in the complex that take the opportunity of fast ADSL line to update his...
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    What is the best mobile phone you have ever owned?

    Redmi Note 5A Prime Best value for money, backup cloud service, do not force you to take a bunch of APPS as default, lots extra features. We REDMI fans, all our staff only have Redmi phones. Find them also to be much durable than the other phones.
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    Webafrica and Afrihost unable to deliver CellC Lite simcard

    Hi there. All I wanted is a CellC Lite simcard - and I need it URGENTLY! Got the router, just need the simcard. Webafrica, done, paid, 7 days later the simcard is still not dispatched. But their website advert stating delivery within 5 business days. So I cancelled on Wednesday and ordered it...
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    Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps: Claim?

    Headline say: "Whoosh! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps!" Further in the marketing is say: "....enjoying internet speeds of up to 50Mbps" I ordered on my WebAfrica account 5 xCellC LTE simcards, 1 x Springs, 4 in Durban, all different areas...
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    Thanks for the message.

    Thanks for the message.
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    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Thanks for the response. I did find them on google, but what put me off on their website was this: We do NOT offer any direct Email support. We do NOT offer any Telephonic Customer support.
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    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Been with Webafrica for a while, even before the VOIP service was with nexus. So I have a couple of VOIP phones. 1. Tickets open from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 months, no feedback. Not one response! (Apparently Internet Solutions is working on it when you call them.) 2. Their dashboard offer all kind...
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    LAN Failover from ADSL to LITE service Setup

    Hi, hope this is the right forum. New it this. -ADSL Line - primary router constantly down for short periods. (Cheap data) -CellC lite - second router use as failover. Is there a router, device or setup that I can follow to allow for this for home use? So if the internet on the ADSL is down...
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    Afrihost data simcards deleted by MTN without warning after 6 months.

    MTN delete your Afrihost Simcard if no MTN airtime is loaded every 6 months, and it is not Afrihost problem, nor is it in their agreement. Hi there. I recently discovered that Afrihost data simcards were deleted by MTN after 6 months if no airtime was loaded on it. (You can do a...
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    Mobile cellphone repeaters what MHz to use?

    Hi there. New at this, so any help will do. Want to purchase a online Cellphone Booster/repeater for a farm. Double story farm house, top have signal with almost zero on the ground level. Already purchased one and tested that does not work - not even a bit. Frequency Range 824-849MHz...
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    3 Years later with Afrihost and still complaining

    Standing 3 years later and I yet to do 1 successful transaction with Afrihost. Not to fear, we will try and try and try again. Note: I am not joking! I have all their ticket history to proof it. History. -I tried hosting several times over the past 3 years. Either their services is down, get...
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    New SMS Scam doing it's rounds - Appointment Letter

    Been spammed on all our email accounts with the new email scam. Seems like they using different gmail accounts and company names on it. Subject: Appointment Letter Good day, We received your request regarding your appointment letter and we’re glad tell you that it has been finalized...