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    Slow internet - Openserve line Axxess -ISP

    We have had speeds below 1MB all day today, and on-site they indicate they are working on the issue, has anyone been able to get an estimated completion time as the support lines seem full.
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    Currently, all are wired want to have some wireless. Let me redraw ideal
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    thanks for the reply let me setup as suggested
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    Any advice and assistance with setting up a hAP for home network as a repeater?
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    Home network with wifi AP's setup reccomendations

    Great @carnagelan will check it out
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    Home network with wifi AP's setup reccomendations

    Thanks, team I have read some of the comments regarding the unifi units so looks like a good solution. The Grandstream looks good just not registered with them as I normally use scoop. Will confirm if they will sell once off to me,
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    Home network with wifi AP's setup reccomendations

    Once again hello all Having set up the fiber installation 100/50 I replaced the supplied router with Tenda 1200Mbps Dual-Band AC Gigabit Wi-Fi Router With USB | AC10U and have added the supplied router in universal repeater mode (Tenda 600Mbps WiFi Router and Repeater | F9) The wifi is greatly...
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    Openserve/Axxess fibre unstable

    Hello all I realize that there is an international cable issue, However, I have just set up a new fiber installation after moving and am finding the wan light on router flickers constantly and we keep losing connection. I have swopped out the routers and no luck. Is this normal?
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    iPad 2....whose going states side?

    Nice link. I love my iPad and would love to get another when I am in US in April. I have a question for those that have done the homework, wilt the new cover work on the old one?
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    Is the Ipad worth getting?

    I would definetly get the iPad I have a netbook and notebook and still find I use my iPad frequently as it is much lighter to carry around and my primary use is reading ebooks and catching up on my blog reading. Way more comfortable that eith of the other options and not to mention battery life...
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    iPhone & iPad from the US

    I got my iPad in the US and it works fine with Vodacom data contract.
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    iPhone in CPTN

    Anyone know where we can get an iPhone 4 in cptn on contract.
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    iTunes not working properly

    Some of my users are getting blue screen crashes with this new version??
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    MPLS advice and help

    Afternoon Who would be able to advise me the pricing and vendor options availible for MPLS for CT & JHB to connect to Europe.