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    Red Internet Light on Router

    I have a TrendNet router and the internet light is now red and I have no connection. While trying this router at another house using my MWEB account details everything works fine. This concludes that my Telkom line is at fault. After phoning Telkom they say that everything is fine on their...
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    Uncapped or capped

    I currently have a 6 Mbps uncapped data package with mweb and I have a 10 Mbps dsl line with telkom. I use on average 60 Gb data every month but sometimes go to around 130 Gb when I download a new game from psn although that is not very often. Should I go for a capped account instead which would...
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    Telkom Adsl checker

    Does the checker show you the dsl line that you rent from telkom. I ask because I have a 6 Mbps subscription from mweb and I have only ever got 1.72 Mbps on a good day. When I use the telkom Adsl checker it says my speed is 2 Mbps. Does that mean I need to upgrade my dsl line from telkom?