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    Data Bundles: A comparison of costs

    Now that I've decided to ditch my Blackberry (and accompanying BIS), I am interested in prepaid data bundle costs. I hunted around MyBB but couldn't find a comparison of prepaid data bundle costs between Vodacom, MTN and CellC. Found this useful however although it is a few months old...
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    Google Maps for iOS

    +1 But I'm happy with what they have released for now ... anything not to have to use Apple Maps. I think I'm going to boycott Apple maps from now on!
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    Home Theatre: Any color as long as it's black

    I'm looking for a home theater / entertainment system (prefereably Blu-Ray) that I can plug into my TV. BUT ... I dont want black speakers all over my TV room (yes ... I'm gay and so aesthetics and decorating are by default, very important to me). :o Can anyone make a suggestion where I can...
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    Blackberry 9300 Trackpad Issue? Cursor jumping

    A problem started on my BB on Friday after I had done a couple of App upgrades. Basically the cursor now jumps all over the screen and it is pretty difficult to control browsing and typing an email, SMS or BBM. I have googled the issue and it seems to be a fairly common problem, although my...
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    iOS 5 major problem

    See this
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    [How to] Check airtime, data balance etc. on iPad/iPhone (VC, MTN, 8ta, CellC etc.)

    I'm trying to figure out how to check my CellC whooosh balance on my Ipad2 and came across this in the search. This link however suggests that it may not be wise to install Jailbreak at the moment with iOS5. Can anyone help me to get my remaining databalance for the month (the old fashioned...
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    best ipad 2 case .... thoughts?

    A colleague of mine just got one of these and paid R380 for it. Its pretty cool. Not sure where he got it from though. I bought a Griffin from the iStore in Canal Walk (Cape Town) but it set me back R499!
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    What apps do you recommend for iPad?

    Thanks. Has anyone tried iTHought HD?
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    What apps do you recommend for iPad?

    Could anyone recommend a good mind-mapping tool. I've seen Mindnode ... I use Freemind on my laptop. Thanks.
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    Best iPad 2 data bundle

    :( Thanks for the reply tho!
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    Best iPad 2 data bundle

    Does anyone know any details about getting a dual sim from Cell C i.e. one micro for Ipad and 1 standard for the speedstick on the same R1499 package? I need the speedstick for my laptop but would also like to get mail on my iPad2.
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    External screen display shows and then disappears

    I have been happily working for the last month or so with an external HP screen which is connected to my HP Elitebook 8560p. This all in the interests of my posture and my attempts to avoid the MyBB neanderthal look that comes from hunching over a tiny laptop screen (
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    Cell C 3G whoosh not whooshing all the time

    Hey, I have a CellC Huawei E1752 HSPA USB Modem and am on the 2GB x12 prepaid package. Just wondering if any of you guys have the same problem, that being, that my HP Elitebook laptop keeps freezing (like 3 or 4 times a day). I have been monitoring it and it seems to be while I am...
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    LED Pool Light

    I was thinking of installing an LED pool light as my current bulb has blown and called a very helpful 'Pool Man' in Cape Town Southern Subs to get a quote. He however suggested that I rather not go for an LED bulb. He said that they had had a fair number of problems with them and many customers...
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    ADSL & Telephone interference

    I did a search for this but could not find the answer in previous posts so hoping you guys &/or gals can help: I've upgraded my Telkom line to an ADSL and have installed a Netgear 54mb wireless router. The router and phone plug into a filter before going into the wall but they sit near to...