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    Sunday Smoked Gammon on the Weber!

    Pickled eisbein on the weber is one of my all time best.
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    ASUS P5Q SE cpu question

    Hey guys. Im completely out of the loop when it comes to this sort of thing, so i thought where better to ask for information than from the helpful folks here at mybroadband. I have the ASUS P5Q SE atm, also have the E8500 cpu. Im looking to upgrade my cpu so i wanted to ask, whats my...
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    Best way to clean LCD monitor

    Well As per the topic, whats the best way to clean a LCD monitor, or how do you guys keep yours spotless? I have some marks that seem pretty stuck on mine and im a bit hesitant to rub to hard or anything. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated :)
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    ISP for local Gaming

    Hey guys As per the heading im looking for a local only account for my local games. I have an openweb account but im about to cancel it, the pings during the day are terrible. Its more than double what i get with my international mweb account. I dont just wana jump in and choose the ISP...
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    New ISP for local only gaming???

    Hi all I currently have IS and my local only account which i use mainly for gaming on our local servers. Its just been so slow lately that ive given up with IS, ive given tham plenty of time to get there speeds to a reasonable level but its still slow as hell so im going to change ISP...