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    Shocking Service Wakkerstroom

    Over the long weekend we travelled to Wakkerstroom for my 40th birthday. We stayed at the Wetlands Resort and when we arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that my phone displayed full signal. What transpired was an absolute joke. You could not make calls effectively, sms's did not arrive...
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    IS Ignite Essentials Fibre

    Morning All We have a client running the IS Ignite Essentials Fibre in Houghton Johannesburg and it has been down for 3 days. IS has no idea what is wrong and all they can tell me is that it is down............well spotted after 3 days. Anyway is there anyone that has any idea what is wrong...
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    IS Ignite Essentiasl Fiber

    Afternoon All Has anyone used the IS Ignite Essentials package? Is it worth while and how have you found their service? We signed up a few months ago and they have pulled the cable into the building. Since then nothing and we cannot get a response from their help desk or sales reps at all...