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    MTN receives no international SMS?

    Hi Has somebody information about receiving international SMS from European cell providers with MTN. I can not receive international SMS since December 2012. :mad: With vodacom works fine, we test it. There is no error from the sending cells/providers in Europe. We have prepaid MTN sim cards...
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    Telkom landline Big Bay area 021-554-XXXX Reference : 83420

    Good day Knows somebody whats going on with Telkom in Big Bay? We can made no outgoing calls since 05.12.2012 We lodge errors and they answer always that all is restored. Its a blame for this service. It looks to a software bug. We can receive calls. "Enter your Telkom line number...
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    Receive SMS to your own webpage?

    Hello, Exists in SA a webpage provider who can receive SMS to your own webpage? You can send via PHP SMS from your webpage. Sending SMS is not a problem, but for receiving at your own webpage I found not much in the net. Has here somebody experience in this area? Thanks for any tip.:confused:
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    GSM Input / Output Modules and using SIM Card / RICA registration?

    Good day Has somebody experience with GSM I/O modules and the using rules in SA? If you want to import such parts to SA or also buy such parts in SA: Is it the same procedure like for a cellphone typ, normally the part has ICSA licence number, a IMAI serial part number, than you have to buy...
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    Access worldwide to measurement values via Twitter

    Good day I measure with web I/O modules (Ethernet modules) analog signals and digital signals. Has someone experience with Twitter to send measure values to a client like a IPhone for example.:confused: Target is to receive the measure values anytime, anywhere. Also I will use twitter because...
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    Protected operation of USB dongles in the network?

    Good day Has somebody an idea how I can protected an USB dongle in/with the network? Many software manufacturers often use hardware dongles as licensing/copy protection, where they are expected for operating the respective program on a local USB port of the PC. License-conformal, alternating...
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    FTP Data Station for the network

    Hello this is my small problem... I have several Web-thermosensors in my network and want to centrally archive their measurement values. I want to set each sensor for regular sending of the current measurement values via FTP. Than I want to specify my FTP Data Station as a FTP server. Also I...